1. Oh Major that was an awesome story and oh how the tears of joy did flow… I know so many of these heroes of Vietnam and yes they also have that determination in many other ways..
    God Bless each and everyone. So many are forgotten heroes by our nation. Thank you for posting this story.
    A hole in one!

  2. This is Sad and…Oh so inspirational…gives me courage, to pull out, on my own dark days. Thank you for sharing this story with all of us who keep you in our prayers daily. Blessings – pj

  3. I’m with my wounded warrior in NMCSD . Our family has seen up close the miracles that happen here . Americans have no clue and the staff has way too much experience .

  4. Thanks you, Major, even though you‘ve got me bawling like a baby. Again.
    It’s just a fact. We will never stop learning from our incredibly courageous Warriors. But there is something about those Warriors from that old “crazy Asian war”. I watch the footage of them with a helmet and rarely a vest for protection then wonder that we didn’t lose more. Look at them. DOD sure got by on the cheap when it came to outfitting them for their war. There is nothing between them and the enemy but their moxie to push through jungle, rice paddies and God only knows what in the waters they crossed from the Delta to the DMZ. That determination “Doc” Mike had to push through in the face of incredible odds was as the lyrics of the Warrior song so rightly stated “forged in a fire lit long ago”.
    God bless him and all those that were with him. To many of them leaving us to soon.

  5. A Huge Thank you to for those on Facebook may know>> Maj Pain << or those on Twitter I give a Huge Thank you to!/TheMajPain for posting this!! Too often people say, “It’s too hard or I can’t” Our nation is full of military veterans who have shown against all odds there is life after war and heart wrenching injuries. As a military veteran thank you for sharing this awesome video!!

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