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Sgt. Jason Pacheco, 23, scout sniper instructor, Division Schools, 1st Marine Division, from Las Vegas, N.M., uses his prosthetic leg as support for an M40 Sniper Rifle on a firing range at Camp Pendleton Aug. 30, 2011. Pacheco suffered a severed leg after an improvised explosive device detonated beneath him during a patrol in Afghanistan August 2010. His leg had to be amputated below his knee. Pacheco uses his prosthetic leg to support the weight of his rifle to show an example of how students can use anything to steady a rifle. He has been an instructor for the Pre-Scout Sniper School since March and recently completed a physical fitness test with his prosthetic leg. He has re-enlisted and said he hopes to continue training in preparation to return to full duty. (Official U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Timothy Lenzo)


  1. Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome! That is the mindset that my cousin Jason has always had. He is alot like our grandpo Orlando Gonzales (Also a Marine) Jason is younger than me but yet I look up to him. Imagine that. He is a perfect example that with desire, discipline and the right mindset, “You can accomplish anything!” Just being a Marine is something to be proud of but Jason takes it to a whole different level. I’m proud of you bro! God Bless you and all Marines.

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