September Support Series is all about bringing attention to two main topics, your

steely eyed gunfighters and those that fell Sept 11th. There is no mistake that they are both related. Make a difference the next few days and think about your troops and those fallen Americans. Sept Sprt Series One Marines View

I thought of the phrase “September Support Series” as I enjoyed a nice stoag and wanted to share it with you as the focus (an idea) that can be anything relating to those deployed or those that were attacked on Sept 11th. Most importantly, we must remember both of them.

Of course you can have your opinion on the war but always those that fight it-period. I swear if I hear another person tell me “I’m over Sept 11th” they are going to be seeing stars. Perhaps I should show them the Stars and Bars of the American flag and ask them if they are “over” those that have given everything in the War on Terror? Are they over the loss of the, father, mother, son or daughter that perished in the NY Towers? For all that is holy don’t be that guy that tells me to me  how “over” Sept 11th you are to me because in case you haven’t figured it out, I have lost too many buddies, and fellow Americans  in & out of America to be “over it”. In fact it pisses me off when I get attacked, personally or as a Nation.

Perhaps if you haven’t lost a relative in the attacks or had to deploy and fight it may seem different to you. Perhaps you may have buried it so deep or it never touched you personally. Ask those family member of killed Marines if they are over it. It’s your country, get personally involved!

The focus of our deployed warriors, and those coping with their loss on this ten year anniversary  on Sept 11th is what the September Support Series is all about.

Besides our country being in the shit bowl at the moment, we are still the strongest country in the world unless we decide not to be. We America” have to make a difference especially for  those that were attacked in our country and  those that go forward to defend our country.

Like the song says…

I thank god for my life, and for the stars and stripes, may freedom forever fly,Let it ring.

Salute the ones who died, The ones that give their lives so we don’t have to sacrifice

All the things we love….Like our chicken fried.


During this period up to Sept 11, take a minute and drop a warrior a letter (here is a good place to find a gunfighter needing some support), or send them a care package, or read about the Sept 11 Memorial and if you don’t already have one up, try being an American for a short time for a change and fly your American flag! Some people in our country don’t like the American flag flying…I beg to differ.

I personally am proud to be an American, respect the American flag and those that fall under it and those that kick ass for it. If you feel different about it, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. If you feel the same, take the time to make the difference and get involved in the September Support Series.  Because make no mistake, the attacks on Sept 11 and your warriors fighting right now are related. The least we can do is show our support. Send me your ideas, links to pics, support ideas etc  in the comments.

American flag
God Bless America and those that defend her.

Time for a CGar!!


  1. I make blankets for the wounded. The organization I belong to is called Soldier’s Angels. Sorta lost count after my 60th one. They always go to Marines as I feel they are the ones most in harm’s way. One a week, week in and week out. Someone asked me how long I intend to do this and I said “until there are no wounded who need them”.
    And personally speaking, I will NEVER be “over” 9-11.
    God bless America and those who love and serve her!!

  2. Good Bless Major – you and all your troops.
    I currently have four adopted troopers (via Soldiers Angels) but will consider next time I have excess affection (and goodies) to send out.
    Stay safe – stay strong

  3. Never will be “over” the attack and loss of 9-11 or all those lives lost defending OUR freedom since them! This year my activities are limited to support letters and care packages…and FLYING OUR FLAG!!! but the first year after I organized a community remembrance event for the entire town I lived in then. We had our state politicians there, high school band, all the Fire Dept/Law Enforcement members who could be there from the entire county and surrounding area…lots of great music and speaches and thanks on the local level. AND the regional Bloodmobile collected a record amount at the event. I had all the schools involved by having an essay writing contest that I sponsored for middle and high schools in town. Students wrote about that “Freedom Means to Me” based it on the 4 Freedoms series of Norman Rockwell and memories of Sept. 11 2001. It was amazing and moving and HOT. But so well attended we moved it to the city park to have enough room for everyone. I hope EVERYONE can find that feeling of connection and pride again this year and every year!

  4. Thank you, Major, I can always count on you saying my mind. I’ve had to wait a few days to reply to “I’m over Sept 11”. Still just reading it again I can feel my heart starting to pound and the blood rushing to my brain. Truth be told I don’t know how all of you at the tip of the spear are able to show the restraint you do when such ignorance is expressed in your presence. There are so many ways to support our troops and some of them are down right inspirational. No matter how unique the ways of giving the axiom holds: It is more blessed to give than to receive.

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