House of Pain

We were created to help the pain of the Navy was feeling, we were born in a bar. We fight world wide as our symbol represents worldwide service, naval traditions and the United States. We take volunteers only and we make them the most disciplined fighters the world has seen. They earn the Eagle Globe and Anchor and they earn it through sweat, blood and pain.

Marines know pain. They unfortunately feel their share as much as they deal out. Not only physical pain but the pain of those they help. Through sacrifice your Marines know pain and have become friends with it. Through tired physical training to helping to feed the hungry to dishing out pain to those that need it. Marines know pain.

“No better friend, no worse enemy” General Mattis 

Marines are tested and honed by razor sharp Staff Non-Commissioned Officers. They are taught from the old breed about pain. Through boot camp and OCS Marines learn from the best. Marines take what they have mastered mentally and apply it in situations in foreign countries to help those that are less fortunate, to those that would have nothing if it weren’t for Marines sharing their pain.

Those that are related to Marines also know pain. They feel it every time they hear of a wounded Marine; they try to stifle it as their Marine departs for yet another tour. They grow it when they lose their Marine.

Those that threaten the United States will know pain. They fear the sights of US ships full of Marines off their coast. They boast how they will “defeat the Marines” only to experience firsthand the pain the Marines can bring.

There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.Gen. William Thornson, U.S. Army

Marines know how to express pain to one another through a brotherhood unmatched and this brotherhood can use pain to its favor.  There are few on this earth that can bring the might of the United States upon an enemy and at the same time have the compassion to give aide to an elderly villager or shield a child under small arms fire so they will not feel the pain. Your Marines know pain and they know how to swallow it, they are callus to it but God help you if they decide to bring it to your footsteps.

Welcome to the House of Pain.

Time for a CGar!



  1. Thank you, Sir, and so well put. Older and slower, somewhat banged up, bruised and hobblin along best I can, straight up, I some days honestly miss those boot camp day’s. The Corps is who I credit for making me able to live the saying “pain is weakness leaving the body”. It is ingrained throughout my character, and is the driving force that motivates me to keep moving.
    I really want one of those sign’s for the entry of the perimeter at our “FOB Home”
    SEMPER FI Brother.
    Go get yer self another CGar!!!

  2. Just finished reading “The Old Breed” by Eugene Sledge. That should be required reading for the a.. that say military people are not heroes.

  3. “No better friend, no worse enemy” General Mattis
    You know, the Marines are right in line with the Almighty on this.

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