A-TACS camouflage has developed the US Army camo patterns. However this pattern was specifically developed for Spec Ops, now the entire US Army wants it (didn’t they just get a new uniform?) Anyway, don’t rush out and buy your complete set of FG pattern there “joe” because the US Army is having second thoughts.

“First on the FG pattern. Digital Concealment Systems’ Phil Duke tells us the standard A-TACS pattern and the new A-TACS FG are designed with special operations clients in mind. The Army submission is separate from the FG pattern because “we didn’t want to muddy the water by submitting either of them to the Army” with the need for special ops units to sometimes wear patterns that better suit their missions and environment.” (cricket….cricket…cricket)

 So now the “Army of One” is still going to produce two sets of the same colored camo utilities?  (Awesome).


“there may not be the money to actually buy the uniforms for the Army.”


Army niform changes

Its almost like the US Army would have loved to have come up with the US Marine uniform scheme before the Marines did.  Darn those sneaky Marines…..

Time for a Cgar!!




  1. When I was in the Corps, we were still being issued cammies that were left over from ‘Nam, and this was in the late 70’s. Until the introduction of BDU’s, morning formation was a hodge-podge of different camo patterns. But regardless of the uniforms, we were still Marines. Semper Fi.

  2. Mike P, did you get issued summer tans and never even broke starch on ’em ? AND still required to keep them in your locker for IG’s inspection?
    When my dad died and I finally knew that I am where I am at till I die, I collected up all my uniform stuff, they must of shrunk from non use, but they were packed straight from another inspection, and my dads daily UD from his WW II full ride in the south pacific.

  3. “Its almost like the US Army would have loved to have come up with the US Marine uniform scheme before the Marines did. Darn those sneaky Marines…..”
    Do some research… That pattern was developed BY THE ARMY.

  4. Though the Canadians came up first with their CadPat, I still think the Marpat design, both woodland and desert, is far superior. I am from the Philippines, and I saw firsthand how the woodland Marpat design practically made you invisible in our forests, whether you’re standing up or lying prone. The CadPat design was just too bright to miss. And the US Army’s ACUs stood out like an altar boy in the middle of a nightclub.

  5. Ever get the feeling like hockey chucking a fellow employer into the wall because he is an idiot? I know there are some of you that would just love to throttle people who think with their ass and treat warriors like babies.

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