Alright ladies yes its Monday. Where did the weekend go? Dunno but I hope you made a difference like we spoke about here at OMV!

 Not sure about where your at but the weather here is crapy, everyone is in a bad mood (because its Monday) and the weekend was about 5 dazys too short. Suck it up, no one is shooting at you so really how bad is it? You get to go home every night right?

Ok, here are some things you can try. I like to call them the No Shit Game Changers!


-Change up your routine this week. Go in early to work and leave early. Take a walk through the office space in the afternoon after lunch when you feel like slipping into a food coma. No pretending to look at your computer screen sleeping doesn’t count as “work” so get yer butt up!


-Get focused. Make a short list of 3 things you “no shit” have got to do today and knock them out! Then try to find you car that you left at the bar as the local thugs have already parted it out.

– For the love of God, don’t be that guy who eats at his desk. I know you’re crazy busy but trust me, you need a break from the re-breathed air atmosphere.  Better yet, go outside to chow. (and you wonder why you’re sick….blah)

-Some basics here. If you are  like me and have a cigar for breakfast (it’s a food group) and 2 pots of coffee before lunch you need to pound some water before you go into kidney failure. That case of beer, bottle of wine, shots of yeagermeister, didn’t help either…..That reminds me of that night where I….um…never mind. Last but not least, have a positive attitude towards things. Your attitude can change alot, even without you knowing it.

– For those of us deployed – Monday is like Tuesday, Wednesday or even Saturday. Yes, it’s groundhog day. We will be timing out visits to the porta johns after the “Blueman” groups leave, try to get in some PT in the crazy weather, go on patrol and morethan likely call in some bad ass American close air support if the bad guys want to ply, come back and fight off the remaining 3 months of deployment, call son to wish “Happy Birthday” and get ready to do it all over tomorrow”


Have a kick ass Monday.  Time for a Cgar!


  1. “For those of us who are deployed Monday is like Tuesday,Wednesday or even Saturday” -Major Pain-
    “Past experiences are the ones behind you, with you and in front of you. The past is a Wednesday, a today and a tomorrow.
    Vietnam was full of Wednesdays however, I cannot recall any particular one. For all I know it was all one long Wednesday.
    It must have been,
    because I cannot remember
    a Thursday,
    or Tuesday.
    They must have called the months by the name Wednesday, I think there were 13 in a year, but that was just for the Navy and the “Jar Heads”
    (more commonly known as the United States Marine Corps)
    The army only had 12 Wednesdays that I recall.”
    Excerpt from the poem “Wednesday On The Hospital Ship USS Repose” -Robert C. Bubon –

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