A recent post about one of our warriors who was hit on his mortorcycle in this post is doing better. “ A decorated Marine critically injured by at 21-year-old accused drunk driver is showing some major improvement Friday. He has done 4 tours to Iraq & Afghanistan, IED attacks and now 21 year old drivers back in the states.

David Smith is now out of the ICU, and will be transferred to another hospital for treatment.

Doctors say Smith suffered an internal decapitation. Ninety-six percent of people who suffer this die instantly.”

If you would like to help with a contribution to the Dave Smith foundation, you may make donations at any Wells Fargo bank – the account number is #1585376393

Keep attacking warrior!

Time for a Cgar for the Gunny!




  1. Jennifer Schermerhorn Wow.
    19 hours ago · Like
    MaryMargaret Maggie Goff I’m going to share this with my AZ PGR group… They are excellent Prayer Warriors.
    18 hours ago · Like
    Bev J. Fiedler Praying he improves each day with little or no after affects. Strange how life can be so unfair. All those tours in Iraq & Afghanistan, IED attacks and to be injured by a stupid, careless, I don’t give a rip about anyone else, cuz I’m having a great time butt hole. Hope he gets the maximum sentence. Guns and drunk drivers total dangers..
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    Leandra Standlee Praying for the recovery of this amazing warrior.
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    Anita Dueber Thank you for the update…I had been wondering about him.
    17 hours ago · Like
    Anita Dueber Can you share an address for sending cards?
    17 hours ago · Like
    Frank Theis in my prayers both of them
    16 hours ago · Like
    Karey Keel-Stidham hang in there, Marine. You are in our prayers.
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  2. Thanks for adding this story to your site…Our PGR in the San Diego area has been hot on it.. To all please keep those prayers going…. THEY DO HELP!

  3. I would like to give you proper information, the Wells Fargo Account number listed above is incorrect. Wells Fargo Bank, under Dave Smith Donation Foundation, account # 3650039559 is the correct account. We certainly want the funds to go into his foundation for assistance to him. You can donate on-line or in person at any Wells Fargo Bank. Your one heck of a Marines Marine Dave, you keep working hard at your recovery, God is so with you and the Angels are watching over you!

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