The Sky is falling!!! Cancel Christmas!!! Relax warriors…It’s going to be ok!

I know it’s been kinda crappy lately with everything going on.  However, it’s Friday Warriors. The week is over. Knowing that you have two days looking at back at you what are you going to do with them so you aren’t sitting there Sunday night going boo hoo I have to go to work on Monday…sniff?

Make these days count. My buddy always asks me why do you smoke those expensive Cgars? The same reason I listen to Classic Rock and Blues music, because I could be dead tomorrow and the last thing I would want is to look back as I’m gasping for my last breath and think, I wish there was some good tunes on and I wish I got to enjoy that nice Cgar I’ve been saving.  They will make more cigars and life is a lot better with some classic guitar in the background. Enjoy it and be glad you just took another breath.

It’s the little things in life that matter

Remember those on the edge of the empire defending America. Do something for you this weekend, do something with those you care about and do something to get you ready for next week. Try to do those simple things this weekend and trust me you will thank me come Monday.

You guys ROCK and are awesome!! I enjoy all of your visits on the blog and in the comments.  Got some ideas for a Monday post so go and make a difference this weekend and be safe, it’s dangerous out there!

Time for a CGAR!


  1. “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”
    Annie Dillard (Western author).
    I’m going camping with Jack and Clara-boo this weekend. Burgers ‘n smores over the fire & scary stories when the sun goes down. Life is good.
    Great posts this week, Maj…

  2. My dear friend and favorite Marine posted this on facebook.
    This was my comment:
    “In a world full of sheep it’s a huge blow to lose a sheepdog. Officer Henwood kept the wolves away. What a terrible loss. I hope the piece of s*** who murdered him suffers the most painful life and death possible. God bless you Jeremy.”
    I’m going to spend my weekend reading about sheepdogs. I’ll again talk with my children about sheepdogs. And they will learn (yet again) the importance of having sheepdogs in our midst.

  3. I look forward to reading your posts, and as usual, I am not disappointed. Great, as always! 🙂 Planning to write some letters of support for our warriors, enjoy some sunshine and fill up the kiddie pool for the baby & watch him splash around. Good times…courtesy of those who fight to keep us free. Hoping you have a great weekend, too, Maj.P!

  4. Awesome comments warriors! Thanks for checkin out inf about your warriors!
    “Dirt Knuckle” check out our section called “Heroes Call” there are some sheep dogs in there for sure!
    Sammy – “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” Very true!!!
    Mindy – back at ya!!
    Arrow- Thanks for the links warrior!!
    Anon- likewise 🙂
    Kelli-I know you have your hands full-keep attacking!!
    Peg- Will burn a stoag for ya!!

  5. I was excited to visit the Potemkin stairs not just because they are beautiful, but because they are famous for another reason. Anyone who has ever studied film at the university level likely at some point was forced to watch the famous Odessa steps sequence from Sergei Eistenstein’s 1925 Soviet propaganda film, The Battleship Potemkin. In the post-October revolution days of the Soviet Union, film was considered a vital tool for spreading the communist ideology to Russia’s many far-flung areas. Russia is the largest country on earth, and contains many distinct ethnic groups and languages, most of whom were illiterate at this time.

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