The warrior in this post nailed it. We are Marines. All of us are. Ninty five percent  of American’s have no idea what their Marines do for them or this country. Sure many of you out there might think you know what we do. You might think we go to sexy places meet foreign people and kill bad guys.

Well we do that (not the sexy part) but we do so much more and sacrifice, so much more than the average bear knows. Your young steely eyed warriors are kicking ass and taking names in Afghanistan just like they did in Iraq and the many other places we have fought. They (20+ year olds) have more responsibility than many can fathom. They lead Marines through thick & thin, help villagers secure their areas and fight wars and lead from the front.

They don’t bitch & moan when they go on their 3rd or 4th deployment. They take pride that America is sending its best. They take pride knowing they will make a difference in this world. They take pride in knowing they made a difference.  Their families take pride that their Marine is making a difference.

Warriors like Cpl Dunham and Cpl Meyer that went above and beyond the call of duty with their dedication to this country. Many other warriors like Lance Cpl. Tommy Parker and Lance Corporal Donald Hogan have also made an awesome impact to this country.

A common thread to all of those Marines above? They are all young leaders that the majority of America knows nothing about. Perhaps they know they are Marines in general. Perhaps they might have an idea of what they think they have done as Marines but does America really know its heroes?

I swear if I run into another moron that tells me these studs didn’t have a choice and had to go into the Marines they will depart the conversation felling different about me. Seventy five percent of my warriors in the last infantry battalion I was with had their College degrees. It’s not easy for them to deploy and get their degrees. But they do it. They had a choice and they decided to join the toughest gun club in the world.

Point being America, your studs are in the most evil geographical areas, dealing with bad people, and they are kicking ass doing it. There are dozens if not hundreds for those that have done great things and never get the above recognition. They are Marines.

Some people know us as Marines, some call us arrogant. Some fear us as we sit off their coasts. Some in our own country have no idea what we are doing for them.

We are Marines!


  1. reminds me of an old Quote from when I was in “We the willing, have done for the ungrateful, for so long with so little we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.”

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