"I feel the furthest thing from a hero," Meyer said in a past interview with the Marine Corps Times. "I went in there to do a job and the way I viewed it is that I let those guys down."

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The President will present the Medal of Honor to Kentucky-native Dakota Meyer, who will be the third living person and the first Marine to receive the commendation for actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the White House announced Friday.

Its amazing how our young warriors meet the challenges in front of them. In this case this warrior not only met them he exceeded them. There is hope for us yet whith warriors like this among us.


Time for a Cgar!



  1. The awarding of the Medal of Honor to Sgt. Meyer is well deserved. The truth be told, had he and his unit been given the air or artillery support they begged for and were denied by some chair-warming REMF’s, those four warriors would have lived to fight another day. I have read where those officers received official reprimands for their inactions that day. Official reprimands in exchange for the lives of four warriors? They should have been court martialed for misconduct and nonfeasance. Every time I read articles about Sgt Meyer and his actions on that day I feel a sense of awe and respect for what he did. Concurrently, I feel intense anger for those whose inability to provide support ended up costing this great nation four of our finest warriors. MasterGuns John Lewis

  2. I’m in total agreement with John on this.
    I’ve read about the ROE to protect civilians but at what cost to our troops?
    What a heart this WARRIOR Sgt Meyer has. He ask for help, gets none, and then walks through hell to bring his four dead brothers back.
    And those that failed to give him covering fire get slapped on the wrist with offical reprimands?

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