Lisa Jennison says if she could trade places with her son, Lance Cpl. Tommy Parker, who lost his legs an a hand in an IED blast, she'd do it "in a heartbeat."

The requirements  one has to meet to become a Marine are set fairly high and we don’t lower our standards.  The Marines of 3rd Bn 5th Marines have all returned home from their deployment in Afghanistan. 3/5 had  the highest casualties of the Afghan war: 25 Marines died and more than 150 were wounded — many of those wounded were double and triple amputees.Click here to listen to them speak about their challenges first hand.

I kept a close eye on 3/5 deployment and knew the ground they were on from my previous deployments. I watched 3/5 because my nephew was in 3/5. Every KIA report I received (I get them all) made me begin to think how I would react if his name came up. Then I stopped thinking about it, ignoring the possibility for the time.

“Losing your legs is kind of like becoming a little kid again,” says Marine Lance Corporal Tommy Parker

Many of those wounded Marines are still in the fight. Perhaps not in Afghanistan but in the fight to get their bodies to do what their minds are telling them to do. I can’t imagine their frustration or of their spouses, parents or families frustrations especially when they see their loved one fighting to regain control of their body. One person that was there when 3/5 came home was Mark Soto, a high school football coach from Granite Bay, Calif., and the father of a Marine. He wanted to get these Marines stroy "out there." Armed with a camera he has developed a documentary called The Day Remembered (below).

Some are finding ways to overcome their physical challenges some are simply refusing to be beaten and continue to attack their challenges with the same spirit that made them become Marines in the first place.  Those high requirements we set to become a Marine were set for a reason. To test the physically and mentally strong. We knew they were physically strong, now our wounded warriors from 3/5 are proving that they are also mentally strong. Keep attacking heroes. That’s what each one of you are, heroes!


Time for a CGar!



  1. “That’s what each one of you are, heroes!”
    Yes, they are. All that and more with Mom’s, Dad’s and Spouses standing right there next to them.
    May the Lord carry them on Eagle’s wings as they face each challenge, one day at time, together with their loved ones.

  2. I was there when they left and I was there when they returned… whole in body , not so whole in body and those not at all, I attended their final tribute.. These young men are my true heroes.. When each company returned home many of their wounded buddies were there waiting with the biggest smiles you could ever imagine.. As one Marine stepped off the bus he saw his buddy, went directly to him as he sat in his wheel chair all smiles.. The returning Marine got on his knees threw his arms around his good friend… There was not a dry eye in that general area.. That beautiful scene repeated itself many times over that day and the following ones as well until the last company returned home.. These most times hurting wounded warriors… were up front with their smiles as the busses pulled in making sure they welcomed their buddies… No sad sacks in this group. The love and heart shown really makes you understand why they are called the Band of Brothers… Yes, they are my heroes and those 25 no longer with us will forever have that special corner in my heart… God Bless them one and all.. and those who every day are still putting their life and limb on the line to preserve the freedoms we so take for granted.. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! Never has been, Never will be be. But a THANK YOU is.. Please stop a servicemember and with a handshake or a hug tell them that…

  3. I was there when Kilo (grandson) left and when they came home. I wish I could have been there when each unit came home. Please thank your nephew for us.

  4. Hi Kilo Grandma.. We may have crossed paths that day.. I was with the PGR! AWESOME group of young MEN stepped off those buses!!
    Sorry Maj..using your space!

  5. “You got to love them and as I watch them in action I continue to wonder where we get such fine young warriors!” -Major Pain-
    I wonder the same thing everyday. They keep me motivated. I figure if they can do what they do what I have to do is no big thing.

  6. I have prayed faithfully for all of 3/5 and their families for a long time now. I know they were in the most dangerous area of Afghanistan and were involved in so many fire fights and IED explosions. This is a couragious group of guys and I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for their service and their sacrifice.

  7. Hello! My son lives in Aurora, CO but I am glad Nick is going too run here, I live in the 51 district and will call Brawley in the AM and get signs and set up some kind of a booth for him in Desert Shores and Salton City.God Bless You! Pray for Nick.PRAY FOR BOB FILNER TOO! HE HAS BEEN A F-‘ ON JOBS AND ILLEALS, HE HAS TOO GO! ONCE A CROOK ALWAYS A CROOK. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTY AND YOU HAVE SOME GOOD PEOPLE RUNNING IN CO, BECK I THINK I SEND THE KIDS STUFF ALL THE TIME ON CO ELECTIONS., NELLIE

  8. I am so glad that the Men and Woman that are serving in Iraq and in Afghanistan are ncmiog home and will all be back here in the United States of America by 2012. Happy New Year America.

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