It started out as “US twin-rotor Chinook helicopter crash 16-31 killed in Wardak province Afg” -no confirmation that it was enemy fire #military 30 hours ago” That was my tweet @TheMajPain as I began to hear the news through different sources. Tragic and now there are several dozen mothers, wives, and kids missing a part of their lives. This event is terrible and is never easy to take but this is the exact way I feel whenever I lose even one Marine. This is the way I feel when I sit with a pen and piece of paper in front of me as I gather my thoughts in a letter to their wife or to their parents. I’ve written too many of those letters.  It never is easy.

Some may argue, “This is worse, this is 30+ of our best.” It is a terrible loss, but if I only lose one it doesn’t mean it warrants any less attention than if we lose 30. The military is a dangerous profession and it’s damn dangerous when you’re in combat and someone is trying to kill you. Some have forgotten this. That rock you feel in your gut when you read we have lost thirty is the exact way many of us feel when we lose one. The way a mother, father, wife feels when they are notified of the loss.  


It’s an immediate reflection of how much America has become out of touch to our fight against terrorism that it takes  30 of America’s best to pay the ultimate price to have Americans stop and ponder, “Oh yeah, we are still at war.” If you aren’t affiliated with the military, you have probably become somewhat callused about the war on terrorism and the sacrifices those that go forward are giving.


As thirty warriors pass on as heroes, we have to ask ourselves have we forgotten all of those that have paid the ultimate price? We are still at war, don’t for forget it, and don’t forget all those who have paid the price for our freedom.   

Time for a CGar – for the American heroes


  1. Some of us cannot forget, even for a moment. My son in law is stationed outside Kandahar and every day that passes without incident is a blessing. My heart breaks everytime one of these heros is lost.
    God bless the fallen and may He grant them eternal rest. May He also comfort the families who grieve. Never forget those who pay the ultimate price for our freedom.

  2. Very well said. For some of us, it doesn’t take 30 tragic losses to remember that YES! We are at War.
    Thank YOU! I will be sharing this column, which everybody should read..
    We press on.

  3. Never forgetting, never have forgot. The hurt in my heart is overwhelming for 1 loss or more than 1. Prayers continued.

  4. It hurts my heart every single time I hear of any loss-whether it’s one or many. I’ve always felt the sorrow but even more so now that I’m a mom to a sweet little son. Those young men are someone’s brothers, daddies, husbands and/or sons-they’re not just a tragic headline or one more in the long list of the fallen. I mourn each of their losses and am grateful for what they gave to our country-their all.

  5. I’m really quite annoyed to see many only paying attention when the numbers are greater. I’m not military but I pay attention. Casualty reports are in my twitter feed daily. And having lost my fiance, I know the hell of grief. Of course, you’re right: it’s no different for the loved ones of all of the other troops who paid the ultimate price. Way to go MajPain.

  6. Thank you, Sir. We can always count on you to tell it just like it is. You said it all and it needed saying.
    Rest in Peace Warriors
    Prayers out for all those left behind.

  7. The SEALS are your best and its a sad day for our great country. My condolences to family and friends.
    with respect.
    Malko from France.

  8. The holes in my heart and the rock in my gut are not any worse, just bigger and heavier for the thirty PLUS, than the one. I refuse to waste my time lamenting that other Americans do not feel the same. The only thing I can do is take that punch to the heart, not breathe (or hyper-ventilate) for a bit; and get back out there making sure every soldier/Marine/sailor I can touch knows they are not forgotten by everyone. Don’t waste your keystrokes cursing the dark hearts, use them to write that email/letter/send package, AND SPREAD THE word. You can’t make other people do what you want them to do, but you can make cotten’ pickin’ sure you remind them in daily conversation that we’ve got warriors out there making sure I can stand here and “shoot the breeze” with you. I apologize, I know I am preaching to the choir, so please accept my outburst. And, yep, I’m just taking a break from writing some letters and emails, following some guys back into the Pech. (I’ve already had my outburst about going back into the Pech, now to make sure these warriors don’t think they are forgotten!)

  9. Thanks warriors for all the comments. Want to help your warriors, help me spread the word about them and send them a post from OMV. Like that of “Reckless” above, if we don’t teach others of those that have gone before us, they will disappear into history and we cant let that happen to your Marines. Semper Fi

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