The below article is one of many that includes a home owners association and a patriotic American that wants to display their flag or in this case a sign that says "Our son defends our freedom". Now generally, my thoughts are if you want to live in a neighbourhood and they are so left winged and tight ass that they won’t allow American flags to be flown, simple don’t live there. Do your homework and simply know what you can or cant do. I think it should be against the law freaking period to refuse anyone in this country to fly the American flag but that’s just One Marine’s View.


In the below case however, you have a proud set of parents that are simply that, proud of their son, their son that has joined the toughest military gun club in the world, volunteered to go into harms way and has a job to do.  I’ve been on that end of not being able to call home often and can tell you its awesome to get to hear loved ones on the other end and hear how proud they are of you and support you.


But see America, this is where this country has become weak and timid. Standing tall and saying I’m proud to be an American and because we are the land of the free, I can fly my flag. Some people don’t like that and don’t want to “offend” anyone and frankly I have to throw the bullshit flag on that.


Granted the home owners assoc most likely states you cant have signs in your front yard because they don’t want the neighbourhood trashed.  Got it and if that’s “their” deal then bad on you for not knowing it. However, if there are other signs in other members yards in the neighbourhood and they haven’t been summoned in court along with the family supporting their son then bad on the association. It must take a real bad ass to send a cop to do your dirty work because you have no spine and have him serve the parents of a deployed warrior to court. Could you imagine this happening during WW II? I don’t think so. But in our gradually growing “we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings” country we put up with this shit. Well you might, me,  no.


Frankly I got a cold beer that says that if we asked all the members on the home owners association if they have any of their kids serving in a combat zone the answer would be no. I bet if we asked if they even have ever had any of the children serve period the answer would be no. Freaking sad.


The Assoc statement said that Westmoreland "personally supports and agrees with the message contained in the Burrs' sign" and that board members were thankful for Corey Burr's service.” Take, take, take but consider making a difference and serve your country and this is how they show they support this warrior’s family. If they don’t like the sign then why not show they “support” the warrior another way in order to replace the sign? They haven’t offered anything like that because actions speak louder than words and they don’t really “support” the entire idea at all.  If it were me I would put even a bigger sign in my yard, sit next to it with a Cgar and my American flag but again, that’s One Marine’s View.

Time for a CGar!

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  1. The suggestions by “Arrow” are brilliant! Unfortunately, as others noted, this would not have happened a few years back, but the political correctness crowd and this administration have made it far more difficult for Americans to do anything that would be considered “Patriotic”. Most folks can’t afford to move whenever some idiotic organization/group set up new rules; thinking “out of the box” is exactly what is necessary. My hat is off to you, Arrow! Thank you, too, Marine, for posting this one.

  2. ” If it were me I would put even a bigger sign in my yard, sit next to it with a Cgar and my American flag but again, that’s One Marine’s View.” And I expected you to include sitting there with your gun! That’s a right you have in America- the right to bear arms. I wonder if that’s against the regs of the HOA (that A stands for A-hole!)
    I love reading your entries. Thanks.

  3. Thanks warriors for all the comments. Want to help your warriors, help me spread the word about them and send them a post from OMV. Like that of “Reckless” above, if we don’t teach others of those that have gone before us, they will disappear into history and we cant let that happen to your Marines. Semper Fi

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