The Fourth of July. Although usually surrounded by picnics, parades and fireworks in the evening I have spent many holidays to include the Fourth of July away and usually on a Combat deployment. If you have read OMV before you understand how the warrior feels when he misses a holiday especially while he is deployed. We get over it but yes it sucks.

The Fourth of July is one of those holidays that not only celebrates our independence it honors the Red, White and Blue of America. More flags come out, a spike in patriotism is seen. I have to say though with stories of having the words “God” etc withdrawn from speeches at military events, and flags being denied to be flown is a bunch of hose shit. If you want to change our basics of America how about you pound sand. Go to another country and change it, America is America and if you don’t like it, leave. If you don’t the American flag, leave it. If you don’t like what we have in America there is a border to the north or south, feel free to get on the other side of it.


Below is a letter I got duing my 2008 deployment

Dear United States Marines,
 I have never written one of these letters before, let alone one that might be read by many. I will do my best. July 4th is coming up in a couple of days and it makes me think of how proud I am to be an American and how damn proud I am of our Marines and other service members. It also makes me sad as I remember the pictures flashed on the news of soldiers who have given everything for their country. We are given name, rank, hometown, and where he died. I know deep down that he was someone's son, someone's husband. He had his entire life before him, now his future will be remebered as what could have been.
 When I think of the wars in the Middle East in those terms, it is hard to support. On the other hand I do understand we must finish our commitments over there and not leave those places in a shambles. Whoever is leading our country next year, I hope they make the decisions required to wrap this up and bring you guys back to your families, who no doubt miss you greatly. I'm sure the 4th will bring your families to think about you and wish you were there, but they will no doubt be as proud of you as I am (probably more). Keep kicking ass over there, you Marines are right up there with the best this country has ever produced. Stay safe guys.


Time for a CGar!!



  1. Happy Independence Day Major. Thank You for what you and all of the men and women of the armed forces do, to preserve our freedoms. The United States Of America is still the greatest nation on this earth, and regardless what the CIC does or thinks, it is the military that is keeping us free. Semper Fi.

  2. To the Major with his great love for this country, Warriors AND your families now serving, to all those Warriors AND their families from all our past wars including those that had the courage to stand up against a tyrannical government putting their lives and fortunes on the line when they signed the Declaration of Independence, I’m forever thankful for all of you. Thank you from my heart for standing in the darkest hours of this nation to defend all those principals and liberties that are so often taken for granted by those that mock your sacrifice. Always remember there are still patriots in the land. I talk to them every day. We can’t look at flag without remembering your sacrifice. When we bow our heads to pray your sacrifices come to mind and we are humbled.
    Links to the documents that through the grace of God Almighty put us on the path to Independence.

  3. I’m sure I could tweak a bunch of stuff here and there on the logo, but I probably won’t … Once I’m done crappin’ around with something, I don’t like to go back in. Especially when I’m not making a damn dime to do it.

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