Seriously? I was finishing up cup 11 or 12 of the black nectar of the goods coffee the other morning and gleamed over an article here about some cry-baby kid not wanting to go to “camp” during the summer. After I threw up a little bit in my mouth I thought Americans, especially High Schoolers and below have no freaking idea how good we have it. Apparently the fact that the weak ass parents of this kid that felt like she was being “attacked” by a 9-year old is so pathetic and a true reflection of how our milk-toast society is still nursing their kids ….for the love of God, cut them off and make them be 9 year olds… Fk! No wonder the Chinese are laughing at America! (throws coffee cup at random jogger)


With all of our little ankle bitters becoming so obese by sitting and feeding on crap in front of the TV, no wonder little Sally in the above mention article didn’t want to breath fresh air.  Camp? Are you shitting me? I’m in the wrong business. I should open the “Maj Pain”  Camp. We could do rowing time trials. Motivator to get a fast time? Fresh Water Alligators in the water of course.


On a serious note, Americans and I say this including Sally’s parents,  have no concept how good we have it and just how bad it can get in America. I would Looooooooooooooooooooooooove to take any High School graduating Seniors to Helmand Province or hell, anywhere in Afg and let them live among the locals in some crap hole mud hut. I bet within 10 min of leaving for Afg (not even there yet) bitchin would commence about the rumours of no TV etc. Sad. Our society is crumbling from within.  We have steely eyed Marines (17 yr olds) working their ass off seeing firsthand how lucky we are in America.  I would love to put that 17 yr old Marine in charge of those Seniors and have him record the blood clotting crying that would commence and yet know how to keep them alive. There’s no running water here…there’s no electricity here…these goats smell….you want me to eat that goat?…..where do I plug in my electronics? Where is my bed?


The problem is these milk toast kids are going to be adults one day and I hope we don’t hurt their feeling when we ask them to contribute to society.  That’s really cool you’re a “career” student but one day you are going to have to move out of your parents house and get a real F’ing job. I know you will expect to make 6 figures right off the bat because you have been in school most of your life but taaadaaa, reality of life has just hit you, now go sweep out the restrooms and tuck in your shirt.


At first I didn’t think much of it when I told people about the living conditions of your infantry war fighter (not the ones at the gigantic FOBs with Greenbean coffee trailers every 50 ft) I mean the fire eaters patrolling their asses off every day in remote outposts. Then when I explained that they live in crap holes (like horse stables-old testament stuff) they looked sceptical and thought every Lance Corporal had their own air conditioned trailer….hmmmm not exactly.  Remote outposts are usually bombed out buildings with no roof, animal waste everywhere you know the basic crap hole accommodations. Yes, that’s where your warriors are calling home. Can you just imagine the young American sitting cross legged in some hay covered floor with mice and goat shit everywhere asking where the couch was? Well billy you don’t get couches here and furthermore you can’t go outside because Mr Sniper is waiting for you to poke your head out and yes if you want to poop, poop in that plastic bag we gave you when you arrived  and tie a knot in the top so it doesn’t spill out. We will take it to the burn pit later tonight after we knock off Mr Sniper.


We are soft America. I know some are going to say but “Pain” you all are Marines you love pooping in plastic bags and being miserable, that’s what helps you be so mean. True, there is a certain freedom of pooping outside in a plastic bag, however, we do love the opportunity to upgrade to port-a-johns any chance we get.  Nothing like hanging out in the port-a-john with 2,000 flys underneath you in the 110 degree temps…..it will make you see Elvis…trust me on this one.


Short of loading your local C-130 up with the class of 2011 and then heloing them into outpost shithole, I’m not sure how to make our young Americans appreciate what they have. If they would appreciate it, perhaps they would take care of our America, be a contribution, stay out of gangs etc and the like. Perhaps it starts with the Parents like in the above mentioned article. If that mom said let me here you bitch one more time about camp….and crushed right there, trust me, she wouldn’t have had to listen to the follow on “attacks” (I still can’t read without laughing…man were fkd) from her 9- year old.



For all of you “know it alls” 9 through whatever age doesn’t go to Camp anymore, one day is going to come where your entire life gets turned upside down.  Hopefully that’s when the oh shit light will come on and you have to make a decision. Until then, it’s up to your Parents to give you the tools you need to survive, like strong morals, integrity, a spine and the ability for you to be a contribution to society. Regardless of where you come from, if you think you have a free train coming, you might want to repeat your last grade. All of those out there who have already figured this out, look to your right and left and help you buddy out. Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid. John Wayne

Time for a CGar!



  1. This is exactly why empires crumble. We’re in “bread and circuses” mode right now. It’ll only get worse. 🙁

  2. I think there’ll be a small contingent that survives, but there’s gonna be a whole lotta people waiting around for “Uncle Gub’mint” to save them.

  3. When I was in the Corp’s the saying was “There’s always that 10% that doesn’t get the word”. Now, after driving a school bus for about 8 years after retiring, the ratio should be 90%. As a hiring manager with a global corporation, I literally had to explain the fictitious “Bill Gates 10 Rules For Seniors” to our applicants. No, Johnny, you don’t get a company IPhone and a BMW, you do get to work 10-12 hours a day at a base wage, with wage increases based on performance. Unfortunately, the 10% who DO get it, don’t make the news, I’ve had the pleasure to work with an organization that provides college scholarships to students, whose selection criteria requires evidence of hard scholastic and community commitment – these students are truly a joy to meet and talk to. Unfortunately, as I said, they don’t make the headlines. The only thing that keeps me going is that committed 10%, but maybe those are the ones who make up your hard chargers. Semper Fi!

  4. Yes, great comments. That 10% are maen mother scratchers too……plus I have never been accused of being too soft esp in words. I dont own a “sympathy” dept.

  5. I was told wise words once… that the job a parent of a 5 year old is to prepare him/her for being 6; the parent of a 6 year old to prepare him/her for being 7; the parent of a middle schooler to prepare him/her for high school; the parent of a high schooler to prepare him/her for college and life. We are in a culture that holds youth in very high esteem, leaving maturity for way later in life. We need to start looking at our children as young people that need preparation for adulthood, not a lifeline to living out our own youth. I agree with your sentiment, but maybe this enjoyable camp experience wasn’t what this kid needed. I think the mom and dad should have given this kid the option to come up with a acceptable alternative… causing the kid to use a brain (or computer) to find out what the kid was actually interested in (besides being insulting to mom). Not to say anything the kid chose would have been acceptable, but we cannot dictate a child’s life and expect them to grow up understanding responsibility. One needs to be given responsibility to understand it.

  6. Not harsh words !!! Everyone gets a trophy even if they don’t win . WTF My son played basketball , years ago , and they collected money to get everyone a trophy . Asked my son if he wanted one ” no because we didn’t do anything special .” Our jobs as parents is to teach them to be productive citizens . Give back because they’ve been so blessed . I always gave my kids a choice so that they learned that all decisions had a consequence . I don’t do stupid or lazy .

  7. Unfortunately, Life-101 is not an offered course in either high school or college. The concept of ‘No Fail’ may make the teachers/professors feel warm and fuzy, but imagine the first time the new hire responds to his/her supervisor with “whatever” – it WILL BE a significant emotional moment! It was years later, when we were transitioning to the Demming Management Method (aka ISO-20xx, Sigma-x, ETQ, etc.) and employee empowerment that I realized the the Marine Corps had been using this method for years, developing subordinates to assume greater responsibilities. The superiority of the US Armed Forces lie (as well as many other factors) in the ability of the lowest level to assume command and execute the mission rather than the centralized command and control doctrine. This is one more reason why the Obama Bigger Government Is Better theory is failing the American People – we are natural risk takers and problem solvers. The ‘No Fail’ doctrine awards mediocre performance and the inability to intelligently arrive at a decision. Semper Fi!

  8. “I don’t have a sympathy department” Thanks for the best laugh of the morning, Major.
    Yep, if more parents would shut the sympathy department down and teach by example an attitude of gratitude, even in tough times, America’s future would be secure. If on the other hand America’s parents persist in raising multitudes of whining brats that mock the authority of their parents ,the laws of God and civil authority stick a fork us WE ARE DONE.

  9. Do you know they even want to get rid of the red pencil for marking exams when you get something wrong,so it won’t hurt their feelings.This in no way is preparing children for the real world when your boss will certainly let you know if you get it wrong.

  10. My LCpl son is preparing for his second deployment to Afg, but he is at home this great weekend for a brief visit. His company was in some of the worst fighting Marjah has seen – and still they do not want to let down their fellow Marines and prepare to go back AGAIN!

  11. I took a bunch of high school kids on a historic trip. We visited lots of places, but two that really stood out to them were valley forge and the Viet Nam War Memorial. We went into the huts that George’s army had to live in the winter, and that sobered em up right away. It put across the fact that freedom is not free. If there was a way to take every High school student in the USA to Afg without getting them killed, I would take my group there in a minute. Seeing the facts of life and death and living conditions would be a start in getting right attitude. Second best is hearing it from you. Thanks for setting the record straight, and doing what you do!

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