To steal from Peter to pay Paul is not a course of action for the gunfighter executing the plan. There is no one more determined to return home from war than those directed to go and conduct that war. Period. However, that same warrior would rather go once, twice or three times on deployment in the short time to settle the war than have the events that created the war resurface five years down the road and have to start from scratch.

In 2009 the President directed 30,000 warriors to surge into Afg. Now, this magical date of July 2011 has come that has deemed we don’t need those 10,000 that they are being directed to return home. What has happened in the two years to justify the return of the “surge” warriors (that should have been there in the first place?) If your answer is the death of Bin Laden your are incorrect (you should check out what others think in this post/poll) If you think killing the infamous Bin Laden justifies winding the war machine down then you really are missing the mark here. 

Just before today's speech, "senior administration officials said the president’s decision had the full support of the national security team" The below doesn't say that, the below says if we do "X", then "Y" is going to happen. That's very different from  "full support."

“Army Gen. David Petraeus, the commander of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, presented the president with a range of options and the risks associated with each.”

With the above advice taken, this means the risks have been evaluated and a decision by the President has been made including those risks. Justification has been given that the Afghan Security Forces (ASF) are well off enough to not need the 30,000 warriors thus the initial gradual return beginning with 10,000. That’s like saying our economy has gotten better so we only need half of the legislators.

To completely change Afghanistan would require the US to establish an Afghan democratic government and leadership. Are we really willing to spend at least another 10 years there to do this? If not then the  exit strategy, like that of Iraq is the ASF. Establish the Security Forces so they can keep some sort of control on the Taliban. For this to be 100% successful, Pakistan needs to step up and they arnt stepping up as much as they need to.

True no warrior wants to add Afg to their W2 as a permanent resident. However, if you bet me the ASF have become so proficient in the past two years that they can take the reins by 2014 100% like is being preached, I will take that bet because I have seen them. Two tours, well over a year working with them, I have seen and lived with them. Remember the ASF as it is today was started from scratch by the US. A military built from scratch able to fight the Taliban.  If we think that a “security Force” just 10 years old can single handed hold off the badguys from influencing, attacking America, they must be some shit hot ASF….they are getting better, they aren’t shit hot, not yet.

What will be the drum beat when this administration is gone and the new one is in sending 40,000 troops back to Afg in 2014 because the ASF productivity dropped over the long haul? They will be ridiculed etc of course.  

“Now, we must invest in America’s greatest resource – our people.” The President said as he ended his speech on Afg with a focus on the economy. If we properly train the ASF to keep the Taliban from attacking America again and properly implement the US forces to do this, aren’t we investing in our “people?”

If what was said today by the President is true (factually) then the ASF are at a point where they don’t need the “surge” warriors anymore because they have a solid grasp on the situation. Accordinagly, if the ASF has a solid grasp on the situation, then correspondingly, the American/NATO number of KIA should drop beginning in June or July as the 10,000 leave because they aren’t needed.

I don’t think anyone wants to bet me on that one. Today the death total as of the date of this post is 1,633. (per this site). If we pulled the “surge” warriors out to soon, the numbers will tell us very quickly.

To steal from Peter to pay Paul is not a course of action for the gunfighter executing the plan. There is no one more determined to return home from war than those directed to go and conduct that war. Period.

Time for a Cgar.




  1. “Those who do not study history are bound to repeat it”, Obama has now committed the cardinal sin of Vietnam, ignoring the advice of his military commanders and responding to what his disgruntled leftist supporters want in order to get reelected. Unfortunately, all the American Public sees in the Lame Stream Media is ‘US Forces Killing Civilians’, ‘Karzi and his Government Is Corrupt’ and ‘x Troops Died’, they have no idea of the progress being made. The greatest ally the Taliban and AlQueda have is the American Press, just as the North Vietnamese relished in the news media reports of the time. When Obama wanted to get elected, Iraq was the ‘bad’ war, Afganistan was the ‘good’ war. Now he has switched policies because he is losing his leftist support, and the media polls indicate that American want us out. As a person schooled in statistics, I want to see the raw data on that – what the make up of the polling audience was, how was the question worded and phrased, etc. Lord save us from all politicians! Semper Fi!

  2. I called Senator Inhoffe’s Office today, gave them my name and ask them to tell him thank you for his comments on his website concerning this draw down. The link to his website here:
    The Major and SeaDog said it all this morning. It may be of some comfort to know that over 10,000 people (so far) have voted in a poll on Fox News.com that the draw down is to fast. I was one of them.
    Is Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan Fast Enough?
    Too fast. The Taliban could easily regain momentum. 52.37% (10,338 votes)
    Not fast enough. The troop withdrawal is long overdue. 33.88% (6,687 votes)
    Just right. We need to balance the needs on the ground with the desire to bring troops home. 11.34% (2,239 votes)
    Other (leave a comment) 2.41% (475 votes)

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