Yes it is Monday, deal with it and if you going to complain about how tired you are or this and that you have come to the wrong department because this isn’t the sympathy department so get your ass in gear. Hopefully all the dads out there had a kick ass day and didn’t get a tie.


I can tell you those dads that are deployed didn’t get a tie, they didn’t get jack but we can chock this one up to another holiday during deployment.  One thing they aren’t going to do is quit because they missed Fathers Day.

Have you ever or are you currently getting your ass kicked by something and you think “I deserve that new promotion” or whatever and don’t get it? Or have something you keep trying to do and don’t succeed? Well suck it up ladies and keep attacking and then attack some more. Take it as a hint, perhaps you’re not ready to move on to the next level. I told you this isn’t the sympathy department.

Perhaps the reason you aren’t progressing is because you haven’t achieved the things you need to progress. That’s not failure, it just means you’re not ready right now. Now you can soak and whine to your friends about how it isn’t fair our you can get a cup of suck the hell up, be a big girl/boy and make it your goal to achieve what you’re not at the moment. It may not be easy; it might kick your ass, deal with it and get mean, determined and beat it.

Just because you’re not successful right now doesn’t mean you won’t be in the near future. Break it down into little steps and achieve one at a time to your road of success. Little victories (although little) still make you feel good and move you in the right direction.

Warriors deployed don’t always automatically get their next promotion, however they don’t take “no” for an answer and keep attacking and do what they need to be competitive. When they get into a good fight and take some wounded, they don’t go back to their outpost and call their friends and bitch about how life isn’t fair, they go out the next day and kick some ass.


That’s what you have to do. If you get knocked in the dirt, get up and keep after it.  Nothing good comes easy. Just like the Marines, if it was easy being green, everyone would be (thanks Kermit).


Instead of thinking “I’m never gonna get there” or woe is me this and that, take a look in the mirror unass what needs to be unassed and get going. It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better and if you stay after it you will get what you’re after. Stay tough because it’s Monday and today could be the day you make a difference. Kick some ass!


Time for a CGar!!


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