Take ownership. That’s a problem I’ve seen within America. They only want ownership when it’s good or if it benefits them. Be it your boss or someone very high in politics. To take ownership you have it 100% of the time and take the bad along with the good.

Man the “Fk” up  and be a man about things. The zero tolerance attitude doesn’t work (it’s been proven) but when thing are in the shitter we see if you walk the walk or just do the talk. This is a huge issue in today’s younger generation. Taking ownership and dealing with issues takes courage, maturity and moral courage. Things you need to be a good leader.  When you show a face of a leader but don’t really have the above inside, it comes out eventually and everyone will see the fraud appear.


Telling people what they want to hear or taking people where they need to be?


We have a saying “there are no frauds in combat”. If you act like you know your tactics etc we will find out when the shit hits the fan or when you have to make several tough decisions on 3 hours of sleep. People look all rosy and perfect back in the States where everything is mildly in control. They have a way with words and rather kiss peoples ass than work an honest day. However in the out post of Afghanistan where peoples mistakes cost lives people show their true sole and we can tell “who the frauds are” right away.

You have them in your work space. You know the Ass hats who weasel their way through life by taking credit for things others have done. Trust me, that weasel has his day coming as Karma is a mother. Unfortunately we have it throughout America at all level of all walks of life. In some cases some that have an agenda for themselves vis others are making decisions for the masses when in fact they are looking out for themselves.

Don’t worry America because at heart, we are a strong Nation. Justice will prevail and the masses will win. How do I know this? I just do. Perhaps because people like myself, just don’t like to give up. Ever! The frauds will be revealed eventually and only the “sheep” will continue to follow the frauds. Be a sheep dog and heard the sheep. They need you to for they have no ownership in the deal. Be a real leader and take ownership, 100% of the time.

 Time for a Cgar!





  1. Thank you, Sir, for your heart and the courage to say your mind.
    I have no intention of giving up on this Republic.
    To all those prayer warriors out there…
    Pray, Church, pray!
    2 Chronicles 7:14

  2. FORWARD OPERATING BASE JACKSON, Afghanistan – Lance Cpl. Zachary Allen, an infantryman with India Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, walks through a corn field during an operation,

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