Bob Maxwell has been leading since he left high school and went to work on his farm. He decided that helping his family survive being a major contributor in the family was a bit more important than his education. Then this event called WWII broke out.  


Mr Maxwell made that spit second decision to jump on a grenade as he and a few others help off a enemy platoon size with .45 cal pistols (freaking motivating). He survived the ordeal and was awarded the Medal of Honor. As the 90 year old completed his GED for High school he never got to graduate until this weekend. Seventy years later Mr Maxwell receives his diploma in Oregon along with Bend Senior High School's Class of 2011.

One lesson the Medal of Honor recipient continues to teach every day – modesty

 I couldn’t think of a better role model for the High School students to emulate. In my opinion the only place they dorked the dog is that they should have had him as a guest speaker rather than some “nobody” that no one would listen to. For the 10% of “students” at the graduation that “Get” what Mr Maxwell has done & sacrificed for them to pursue a life of freedom and to live the American dream I hope they don’t drop the ball. I hope they realize the opportunity they have because of warriors like Mr Maxwell and their leadership for this country.


Time for a Cgar!




  1. Thank you for your service, Mr. Maxwell. You and those that were with you in battle are a blessing to this nation we should never forget!

  2. You were right! That is freakin motivating! It is too bad they didnt have him as a speaker! I am sure half of the young kids probably wouldnt care anyways! Lack of respect these days for our elders, especially those that fought for our country!
    Semper Fi!

  3. Every year on Vetrans and Memorial Day my wife and I make the trek up to Willamette National Cemetary to visit her dad’s grave, and we always stop and visit the warriors that earned the purple heart, this year will be no different except that I will have to tell her the story of Mr Maxwell, and the deed he pulled off to get there. Thank you Mr. Maxwell,and thank you for the freedom we have so that I get to pass a little history to my wife each year…………

  4. “You got to love them and as I watch them in action I continue to wonder where we get such fine young warriors!” -Major Pain-
    I wonder the same thing everyday. They keep me motivated. I figure if they can do what they do what I have to do is no big thing.

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