All they could muster up was three protestors…man they are feirce!!!

"The Topeka church didn’t respond to calls and emails requesting comment Monday, and the protesters left the funeral area without speaking to media."



Marine Sgt. Kevin B. Balduf was killed in Afghanistan on May 12th. Tragic to say the least. The death of any servicemeber is tragic. While in country/deployed, when one of our Marine dies, a small piece of you is taken away as well. It’s the price those that have volunteered are ready to pay.  However, I don’t care what organization you are from, when you decide to protest at this  or any other American’s funeral be ready for what awaits you.

The Westboro Baptist Church (which has 100 members – 80% are all family members…nutjob family memebrs) plans to protest  at Marine Sgt. Kevin B. Balduf funeral Monday June 13th in Nashville, Tennessee.


Some of those that know the Balduf family have built a Facebook site to organize and support the warriors funeral “Say NO to the Westboro Baptist Church in Nashville”

Additionally in TN it is against the law to interfere with a funeral.

Tennessee law:

39-17-317. Disorderly conduct at funerals.
(a) A person commits the offense of interfering with a funeral or burial, funeral home viewing of a deceased person, funeral procession, or funeral or memorial service for a deceased person, if the person acts to obstruct or interfere with such commemorative service by making any utterance, gesture, or display in a manner offensive to the sensibilities of an ordinary person. Picketing, protesting, or demonstrating at a funeral or memorial service shall be deemed offensive to the sensibilities of an ordinary person.
(b) The provisions of this section shall only apply to acts within five hundred feet (500¢) of a funeral or burial, funeral home viewing of a deceased person, funeral procession, or funeral or memorial service for a deceased person.
(c) A violation of this section is a Class B misdemeanor.

I can almost guarantee another organization will be at the funeral, The Patriot Guard Riders which I happen to be a member of and would love to attend this event if I was around the area. These people at this church are nutjobs. They are so delusional and confused on the simplest right & wrong views that they are more like a cult than anything else. If they were in Afghanistan and they protested at a funeral the locals  would simply just shoot them and probably everyone you were with. It’s amazing the one who has paid the ultimate price and protects a country where you can say what you want, is the one to have those he serves come back and disgrace his funeral. Man are we screwed up.

The above reminds me of a certain “Rolling Thunder” where another nutjob infected organization “Code Pink” (100% against the military) made the statement that they would spray paint several of the National Monuments in Washington DC with their logo before the Rolling Thunder event. Myself and about 500 bikers took a little offense to that and many had 4-6 man teams of bikers around each monument 24/7 with their bikes as  shall we say a “welcoming party” to those that thought of desecrating the monuments.  As I was speaking with one fellow Marine from the “Leather Necks” a bike club made up of only Marines across the nation we chatted with a couple other bikers from an entirely different club. One of the gentlemen we talked with had a limp and used a cane to assist his walking as he wore a long trench coat. I wondered if it was difficult for him to ride until I noticed the fairly large caliber shotgun barrel sticking out of his paint leg and realized he really didn’t have a limp….we didn’t have any monuments tampered with all night…hmm go figure.

It’s tragic we have to keep an eye on our own American people that desire to do disgrace to those that provide the very blanket they sleep under. If you belong or protest with the nut job church at funerals, remember yes, you can protest and so can anyone else so watch your back. Nothing screams “kick my ass” like a bunch of nutjobs trying to Fk with a Marine’s funeral. You can stand by!

I’m confident the Westboro Church will not be successful. They are sick people that will never “Get it” because they never had it together in the first place. God Bless you Marine Sgt. Kevin B. Balduf and your family. No matter how any organization tries to disgrace you or your efforts, remember, the streets of heaven are guarded by US Marines and you will never be forgotten. You are a hero!

Semper Fidelis

Time for a Cgar!


  1. Unscrew their tire valve stems, I believe in the last town that they experienced ‘valve failure’, the only tire service in town told them those were metric valves and would take a week to order. Semper Fi.

  2. Keep in mind, the WBC makes it’s money on suing people for alleged wrongs, such as assault, after they show their skanky selves at funerals and memorials. Not to say they can’t be dealt with, just do it carefully. Valve stem failure is one way, just make sure to alert the tire stores and Wal-Mart that there might be anti-American douchenozzles in the area, seeking help with their tire problems.
    Also, the human wall seems to work just fine, keeping the assholes away from the actual funeral. Line up, and start walking toward them, until you’ve moved them from the immediate area.

  3. Jim Jones/David Koresh/ Fred Phelps/ Same/Same
    It’s all about power and control and greed.
    I get physically ill every time that woman opens her mouth.
    Thank you to all you Patriot Guard riders out there and other innovative citizens that stand between our fallen Warriors and their families as they say their last goodbye.
    Prayers out for the family of Marine Sgt. Kevin B. Balduf may the Lord send covering Angels to protect and comfort you as you say your last goodbyes.

  4. Rest easy Sgt Balduf….One of my sons had a little run in with those code pink whackos!! Won’t post what he said back to them…but suffice it to say they left him alone!! Unfortunately I had to attend the funeral of a Marine last month. The PGR was there, and I have to say it is such an emotional thing to witness how they all stand tall with their flags sheilding the family.

  5. Great Comments! Yes, they don’t turn on the video cameras until after they have interfered then they record police removing them crying brutality…..

  6. When the ‘Church’ showed up for the funeral of a young Marine in our town, the fire department parked their engines right in front of them and their assigned ‘protest space’ All the family saw was firefighters and their trucks.
    God bless all our fallen warriors and those who strive to protect their grieving families.

  7. You know, those Westboro baptist people are actually contributing to the nation and people they seem to hate simply by paying taxes, buying gas and groceries. The federal government gets some of that money and a part of those monies goes to the military. Duh!
    If they actually understood the bible, they would see that the ultimate message is based on love, mercy and forgiveness. I may not agree with the decisions someone else makes, but that doesn’t mean they are going to hell.
    These people are taking parts of the bible and using it to justify they’re own issues with the people they don’t agree with.
    As for the protesting of the funerals…I don’t think you would allow the kind of language I would use to express my opinion on that particular issue sooo I’m not going to post it.
    God Bless our soldiers, our warriors.
    Semper Fi Sir!

  8. Proud member of So Cal Patriot Guard Riders and yes I’m pretty sure the PGR will be in attendance in large numbers to shield those dumb donkey’s from the family….Rest in peace Sgt Balduf and know your family will not be put through any of their crap… You are my hero….

  9. Went to a funeral of a fallen Marine in Mississippi and the Leathernecks were there…Very impressive! and guess what? no problems!

  10. Karma’s a bitch. Just wait until those Westboro folks come face to face with Marines guarding the Pearly Gates.

  11. OVERWHELMED!! I was at the funeral of Sgt. Balduf in support of his twin brother Kyle and their mom (as well as entire family). I was truly taken back by the support of all of the groups that came. A very large group of bikers took almost 4 minutes to get into the parking lots. Awesome!! I spoke to several bikers, veterans of various military conflicts. A simple handshake and a thank you seemed so little. The scene was simply overwhelming. I read one story of three “other protesters” who left with police escort to a “safe area.” From a friend of a friend, thank you to everyone that waved the American flag, stood in the sweltering heat, and saw to it that the family had a very solemn and emotional funeral of this proud Marine!

  12. “But beyond all that, inside the protective walls of a quiet church, lay a young man in Marine dress blues” -from the Tennessean-
    If those words don’t break your heart, you haven’t got one.
    Thumbs up Tennessee! You did good! Real good!

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