Soldier stops bank robbery suspect:


A motivating story of a US Army warrior who thwarts a would be bank robbery. Awesome!

Not only did the warrior, stop the robbery, catch the thug that thought he would be a tough guy and rob a bank but he also  instantly became a role model  (although he already was) & a rock star for his kids that were in the bank and every one there that day. He isn’t super human, but his actions speak louder than words.

THE ABOVE STROY REMINDS ME OF THIS ONE BELOW…(Click on the article) to make it bigger-Badguys should be more careful crossing the street…it can be dangerous – Time for aCgar!!



  1. Unlike a lot of folks in this country, members of the military usually don’t hesitate to step up to the plate when something has to be done. Semper Fi.

  2. What gets to me is the good humor of these Warriors, just taking care of business and moving on. The subject that stabbed Cpl. Duggan needs to watch his step the next time he tries to kill a Marine it can be a long treacherous fall of those street curbs…

  3. lol…yes those darn curbs are good at breaking both arms, legs etc.
    Your warriors are just that, men & women of action. They set themselves apart as meat eaters from the grass eaters!
    Have a great weekend!!!

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