Congrats to “Bec” (flag #12) who is our flag winner with (21 votes). The picture is her husband during his last deployment flying our flag in Afghanistan. She will be getting a One Marine’s View T-shirt sent out to her. Thanks to everyone sending in pictures of your American flag and know, there is no such thing as a bad picture of an American flag as all of the ones you sent in were great!

Time for a Cgar!




  1. Thank You!!!
    Since it was a picture of my hubby with our flag during his last deployment to Afghanistan, I’m giving the shirt to him! Though, I’d be happy to provide a pic of him in it when he gets it!
    FYI- I don’t think you want a pic of me in it, I’m 8 months pregnant with our forth child (our oldest is a Marine currently serving in Afghanistan) and there is NO WAY I could do it justice! LOL!!!

  2. “You got to love them and as I watch them in action I continue to wonder where we get such fine young warriors!” -Major Pain-
    I wonder the same thing everyday. They keep me motivated. I figure if they can do what they do what I have to do is no big thing.

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