Evil dictators try to take over countries or even the world. Innocent people suffer without hope. The innocent are victims, their future is grim. No one will help……


In the past

……Bombs keep falling and yet another soldier appears, but this one is different. You haven’t seen his uniform before. He speaks a foreign language and he came from a ship you noticed yesterday. Some call him “Yank”


Not so long ago

……..the helicopters keep coming. They fly low above the rice patties and men jump out of them and they fight day and night. ….



……The deserts and mountains are filled with more soldiers. They bring their technology and jets with them. They help our sick and help our military fight the enemy.


Around the world throughout time America has been the sole country to be the only hope some people have. If America can’t stop them, no one can. “Call the Americans” cries are heard. “You can do anything, you are an American”.


Time and time again, the United States has come to the aide of several countries in need of help.  The responsibility of helping because we can makes us different as Americans. Our warriors go into harms way to free those being treated unjust or killed. They are the ones who actually defend this country from foreign and domestic threats.


The ability to act does not come without a price. The price of life. There is no greater sacrifice one can give than that of his own life for what he believes in.

Giving your own life for a fellow American or even another in foreign country is not an every day occurrence you see today. Unique selfless acts of heroism surround years of responses to calls for help.  Many events will never be recognized or publicized outside a small group. Many in the world will never know the name of those that helped them.  However, they do know a country called America came and helped when others would not and many are alive today because we did.


Grieving parents and families are saddened for their loss as they knew of the possibility that their warrior would not come back but at the same time proud that they had what it took to go forward.


In the past and in the future, America will project its might through one element that will always make a difference, the human element. Boots on the ground makes a difference.  Those that have filled those boots throughout the centuries know of a love for country many will never experience, sweated, bled or earned. The same goes for those that your warriors have helped. Because of them others have lived another day, been freed from tyrants, and have experienced the taste of freedom. Many may call it the human element I think your warriors actions are more like super hero elements.


Lest we never forget their sacrifice


For all of those that have lost super heroes in the past, America and many other countries are ever grateful regardless if they show it…. Our warriors have made a difference many will never be able to repay.. God Bless them.

 Time for a Cgar!



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