Put up or shut up!. Send me a picture of your Memorial Day American flag. Cmon, I know you have an American flag and now is the time to put it up. What you don’t have one? Read here. If you don’t have one you have no excuse not to get your ass out there and buy one in time for Memorial Day.

Send me a picture of your American flag. Email it to me, tweet it to me, put the link in the comments, send it on a currier pigeon, don’t care how you get ity to me  but do!

I’ll post the best three pictures Friday and you the readers will pick the best one. Winner gets a OMV “CAUTION DOESN’T PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS” T-shirt.


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Give me your best shot. Are you a grass eater (weak) or meat eater?? We shall see.


Time for a Cgar


  1. I hope these brave men of the USS Liberty will be remembered and honored with the truth of what really happened to them. Their story is worth reading, or listening to, or both. Attacked, Killed, injured while standing under an American flag in international waters. And the Commander-in-Chief wanted the truth covered up, for a decorated naval ship to be sent to its watery graves to save it’s ally embarrassment.

    There are other videos that tell the story. The one I’m posting is only five minutes long.

  2. Bonjour Major.
    J salute the honorable men and women of the USA who sacrifice so much for their country.From France, J ” be standing with you at memorial day ceremonies.

  3. “You got to love them and as I watch them in action I continue to wonder where we get such fine young warriors!” -Major Pain-
    I wonder the same thing everyday. They keep me motivated. I figure if they can do what they do what I have to do is no big thing.

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