Many Americans this memorial weekend will be enjoying the increasingly nice weather, planning short get a ways etc. Nice, but how about remembering what the holiday is about people? Remember the 4772 that have died in support of Operation Iraqi freedom or the 2470 that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. Staggering isn’t it? How about the 58,212 killed in Vietnam or staggering 416,800(US forces)  total losses in WWII. Do I have your attention and are we beginning to grasp the amount of sacrifice this country has given now?


I think for one Day we can take 30 minutes (If 1% of America will even do that) and educate our children on the sacrifices our country has made and what the day represents. Think about it, 416,800 servicemembers,gone.. Can you imagine what would happen if we had those numbers in today’s war on terror? War hasn’t gotten easier or nicer America; we are just getting very good at it as a testimony to your young warriors minimizing innocent civilian’s deaths.  Taking 416,800 into consideration is like having a few major American cities evaporated.


How difficult is it to hang your American flag out on Memorial Day? Remember after 9/11, American flags were on everyone’s house front? Now…not so much. People were hanging American flags all over the country where you would least expect to find them after 9/11. Now, you will be lucky to see one in a neighborhood. Don’t have a flag? Firstly, shame on you, second get your ass to the store and buy one and hang it up, you have no excuse. Is that really too much to ask for after the staggering number of warriors mentioned above gave everything? Don’t want to hang an American flag?….Let me guess you’re one of those that wants to express your inner coombaya individual right not to do so (lucky for you that you now live in a country where you can have the freedom to do that-you’re welcome) but while you’re not supporting America (remember the country that gave you that freedom) the country that is at war against the very things you are able to use to express your inner Dr Phil feelings with, why don’t you just spit on the graves of all of those warriors mentioned above. Because if your either “too busy” or don’t want to display an American flag this holiday, either way it’s a good thing for you that those warriors that died fighting for this country weren’t to busy to win the wars for you. If you don’t want to stand tall and say Im an American and damn proud of it, pack your shit and head south. Mexico is full of people who would love to behead you about now for the change in your pocket  


Those that take our freedom for granted don’t have a family member in the military, haven’t lost a daddy in a past war but gladly live off the freedoms of those that go forward to defend it. What have they sacrificed for this country that equals what America’s warriors have that grants them right to disgrace those that gave all. I think it’s the least we can do, as Americans.


Time for a Cgar.



  1. Fallen
    Today was a day that in my life that ended and my family was filled with rage.
    To know that my daddy had to die at such an early age.
    This pain came at a time that was too hard to bear,
    Why, why, why, this does not seem so fair.
    Only now I can tell what it is going to be worth,
    To miss the one and only one dad that I love more anything on this earth.
    I was told that he did not want to stop the fight,
    That it lead the battle lead from day to night.
    He gave all that had to make sure there was not else to be saved.
    By us hearing this I know that he was one of the Few and Brave.
    With this everything was given to save someone else,
    Please remember that he will not rest by himself.
    With this, I wish everyone could see,
    Exactly what my dad means to me.
    Yes, as I think about this,
    I only ask for one wish.
    Since everything was given up for this Great country to be free.
    Please let us give them respect because they did their duty.
    By Frank P.

  2. Aye Sir.
    Memorial Day has never been the same since 2005, when a fine young Cpl from my neck’o’woods was killed that day in Ramadi. He was the same age as my own son and from what I gathered, very much like him (Marine!). I’ve always been thankful and attended Memorial Days services to Honor all who have served in the past when I could, but after Cpl Jeffrey Starr died that day it’s just been even more humbling.
    Thank you to all who serve and have served. My flag will be out, but then it’s out every day. Every day is Memorial Day at my house.

  3. tell it like it is……
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  4. I will be presenting a living history display of the USMC in Vietnam at the Missouri Veterans Home on Memorial day. It consists of the equipment, uniforms, weapons, rations, radio gear, etc. used by Marines in that war from 1965 – 1971.
    I do this or one of several displays on Memorial Day and Veterans Day to remind the protected of what warriors, and particularly Marine warriors have done for them throughout history.

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