It takes a special cat to join the Marines. Its takes a unique and strong warrior to rebound from after an amputee injury and continue on with the challenges of life. It takes a freaking stud to do all the previous and then re-enlist and go back into combat.

Corporal Jones did just that as he was wounded in 2007 and back in the combat zone a year later.

 “After the attack, his left leg was amputated above the knee. He developed infections and fevers. His weight dropped from 175 pounds to 125. At 21, Jones faced months of painful rehabilitation and a likely end to his service in the Marine Corps.”


I have met numerous warriors in combat zones that are amputees. Frankly, unless I was told they were amputees, I wouldn’t have known because they continue on with the fight just like any other warrior.


Jones said he couldn’t bear the thought of not deploying with close friends in his unit after he learned last fall that they would be sent to Afghanistan.


Marines have to pass the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT) before returning back to active duty.  This includes, max sit ups in 2 min, max pull ups and a timed 3-mile run. If you don’t qualify under the required standards, you don’t continue. Can you imagine running 3 miles on a prosthetic leg or trying to max the required 20 pullups with a prosthetic arm? “Jones said he had to pass medical tests and prove in training that he could walk effectively, get in and out of a Humvee and perform other physical tasks. Once, while in a simulator that mimics a Humvee rolling over, his prosthesis popped off, he said. He reattached it and continued the drill.” Freaking stud!

The moral magnitude of these studs has yet to be realized. Not only having served in the United States Marine Corps in combat operations, but have had the traumatic experience of being an amputee, mentally pushing through it and excelling will produce the culminating result when these studs are America’s leaders.


Time for a Cgar!!


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  1. MilMom, truer words were never spoken. I have zero confidence in those in Congress with the exception of a handful beginning with Lt Col (RET) Allen West representing district 22 in FL.
    Looking for leaders America? Look to your Warriors out there with the ability to make life or death decisions, the courage to so in split seconds, take responsibility and live with the decisions they make.
    There are just no words adequate to define them.

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