If you have been visiting OMV this week for the first time then you are probably beginning to see the amount of pride Marines have, regardless if they are active, retired or even wounded. You can get a full dose of “whoop ass” here at OMV and this week we are focusing on those that are out of mind and out of sight the majority of time, our wounded studs!


It’s the waking up in the middle of the night, the migraine head aches, they fights they have with loving spouses that everyone else misses out on. Sure its easy to wave your American flag on Memorial day and pay homage, but for all that is holy, we can think about them morethan once a year. They are why we are free. They have paid the price and lived through it. They are the living heroes that bear their scars and overcome physical and mental challenges everyday.


Don’t forget, those wounded that are fortunate enough to have a loving spouse that is walking next to them , telling them to try one more time to get up, who stumbles in the night to find the medication who is there and has the weight of the Marines wounds on their shoulders too. Its not easy being green and it sure as hell isn’t easy being married to a Marine, especially when they are wounded.


Unfortunately life is cruel and there are those that have been injured only to return home to nothing. A spouse that couldn’t live with the wounded warrior in his physical state departs and leaves him. Try going through life all banged up, try going through life after being disowned when you need someone the most. Freaking pathetic, that there are situations like this. Pathetic individuals that bail when their warrior needs them the most is sad!


What continues to blow me away are the GOOD stories that are published like that of this warrior that not only is blind, is a double amputee, re-enlists and continues his fight. I’ve asked it once and I’ll ask it again, “where do we get such fine men?”

Time for a Cgar!!



  1. Corporal Bradford brings new meaning to our motto, “Semper Fidelis”. Thanks for posting Major. Semper Fi.

  2. Yes sir, where do we find them and that is something only they know in life.
    I am also here to say that there is a say that I take some from every blog of yours and and I put my thoughts on a paper about it.
    Well another thing should be asked it where do we find these spouses that are there to have thier husbands/wifes back while they are deployed or home deal withthe not so nice things in life. My hat’s are off to them today. Here is something just for you.
    Paid the Price
    As the relationships begins,
    You are never told where it ends,
    No this not as in ending in divorce,
    Not like most do, of course,
    The things that you always remember,
    Especially from this love member.
    With this with this ring I thee wed,
    Should I go on or that enough said.
    No matter what goes on either good or bad,
    You are willing to be there if they are happy or sad.
    If you ever stand those shoes, you would see why life has such a meaning.
    As you see this daddy trying to hold those tears from streaming,
    Well it is too late as he holds his little girl and his wife,
    It just has to be accepted, because it is a part of life.
    This is where you say good-bye and kiss him farewell,
    Trying to hug and hold on to him and to show you love him more than words can tell.
    As you hear, Mommy when is daddy coming home,
    Soon baby soon,
    As you sit and hold her and wait day by day,
    And you hope that you are not going to get that call to say???????,
    This is a call that no one wants to ever hear,
    Hearing this is something that we all fear.
    What else should be sacrificed?
    I think that this enough said because that Military Spouse has also Paid the Price.
    By Frank Pulver

  3. As for wives who bail on their wounded…..90% of them are kids…they were married to young for the wrong reasons and those reasons have nothing to do with being committed to one’s spouse through sickness and health. They marry for ALL the wrong reasons and then cheat, depart, and divorce…or wipe out bank accounts…whatever………but they know nothing of ‘staying by your man’….they are children. Thankfully there are many who, in spite of their youth, do stand by their wounded and scarred warriors. They are to be commended in many ways………..it is a situation that plays out over and over….and it is a sin. I have heard those stories…..but I tell you, Gary, it often makes the Marines stronger, and they do find someone worthy of their love and partnership in marriage. There are those amazing and honest good women who fall in love with those amputees…..and are there for them every step of the way. There are negative and positive sides to those stories……..but the heartache and the pain of being deserted are deep……… I am glad you wrote this post.

  4. —-Support The Few with Honor Courage and Commitment—-
    We need to reach deep down inside,
    And show our Marines that we have pride.
    We need to reach out and support them all the down to their wives,
    Because without them guarding and protecting us with their lives,
    By showing those true Values
    Yes this something that should learn from and not get it confused
    Truly Showing (Honor, Courage and Commitment).
    Just hearing those words should make us remember what they did to do their part.
    By us showing them our patriotic heart.
    This is the time to say thank you,
    And that you are proud to be protected by The Few.

  5. Those who abandon a wounded warrior in his time of much needed support and care, enjoyed the status of the “honor” their loved ones received. Now that the hero has missing limbs, they move on, possibly out of shame to seen with such a one.
    As the saying goes, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed”. That’s how you know your true friends and well-wishers.
    God bless the honorable men and women of this country who sacrifice so much for the good of their country. Having a child at bootcamp currently, has show me what an ordinary civilian with a higher call for true citizenship, undergoes, physically and mentally to prepare for a life of service. I have nothing but respect for my upcoming warrior and for those who are currently serving in the armed forces.
    I would advise you not to be too harsh on us civilians…we cannot understand your sacrifices unless we see it firsthand. My child has opened my eyes and for that I am a humbled and grateful parent.

  6. These are truly inspiring men and women – those who commit to the military; those who come home broken in mind or body (but
    rarely in spirit); those who come home to broken relationships; and those who come home ready to carry on the difficult work of maintaining good relationships with spouses and children. There isn’t a warrior or family member who is
    unchanged and forever affected by life in the military – one can only hope that the good experiences outweigh the sometimes overwhelming challenges. My guess is most are so dedicated to their country and the Corps that they would say the opportunity to serve is reward enough. As you can see, Maj, these recent posts have affected me deeply. While my sympathy, discomfort and lack of familiarity with the plight of the wounded warriors make me uncertain what to say when I meet them, I have a better idea of how to greet them and how to express my gratitude thanks to your insights into the men & women they are. Terrific tributes to some of our finest.
    Thank you, Sammy

  7. From an old Hallmark greeting card showing a cowboy letting his horse drink from his hat.
    “The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend.”
    If you are a true friend, the wounded (or not) warrior will know. He/she will see it in your eyes and feel it in your presence. Just be a friend.

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