(Stacey Wescott, Chicago Tribune / May 9, 2011)
Marine Sgt. John Peck weeps as the National Anthem is sung during a ceremony honoring him at the VFW hall in Antioch. Peck returned home for the first time after losing both his arms and legs while serving in Afghanistan last year.  "There's always someone worse off," he said. "I just look forward. I can't wait for the next day to see what will happen and what (recovery steps) I can blow out of the water next." Sgt Peck said as he thought about the way he would overcome the challenges that lay ahead.  You might remember at the time Cpl Peck that OMV did a post on here. During that last post he was being honored as another warrior ran a marathon in a gas mask as a tribute to warriors like Sgt Peck.

On May 9th Sgt Peck was welcomed home as any hero should be, especially for a hero with two purple hearts. Sgt Peck is another example of a true warrior that tells pain, you want to hurt me today? Try harder. He tells his frustration when it tries to get the best of him because he lost a majority of his limbs to “back off” as he over comes the challenges.

Where else can you find men that volunteer for their country to go to war, go to the shittiest of places, live in the crap, hunt down & kill badguys, get wounded and come home with an attitude of …. "I just look forward. I can't wait for the next day to see what will happen and what (recovery steps) I can blow out of the water next." I swear the first person that rolls their eyes and tells me “so, they volunteered for the Marines” will be picking their eyes off the deck.

"It's the brotherhood, the camaraderie, the respect," Peck said of his reasons for returning to combat.


This is exactly what I’m talking about America. The fire in this kids gut has more intensity than 100 pukes sitting around not doing anything with their life expecting a handout from the government. The Marine brotherhood is with him forever, he has earned it the day he graduated from bootcamp. He will never be alone and when he has healed enough to return home his words are that of concerns for others, his brothers in the fight. What a freaking stud!

 Time for a Cgar!

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  1. What a man. One of America’s best.
    I couldn’t carry this hero’s lunch.
    My most heart felt gratitude to SGT. Peck for his love of our nation.

  2. Let’s sit think of everything that a soldier goes through,
    Fathom the Hell, the pain and suffering that they endure
    so much has been given and taken or sacrficed for me and you.
    then think of the biggest thing that was not taken, but kept safe and guarded, is our enemies from returning to our shore.
    Yes, they have come home feeling the mental stress and pain,
    But to some of our not so kind citizens they think and say,” just leave them be,
    By helping or babying them they have nothing to gain.
    Hell, do you think they want our sympathy. “
    This is where we all should take a stand against anyone with those points of views,
    To tell them that know we might not agree to support the war,
    But, when it comes to supporting our Heroes, there is nothing better else to choose.
    the only thing that our hero’s want, is to be accepted and supported nothing more.
    There is a old saying, it could be by any service: Band of Brothers,
    The saying can be simply explained is that we do not leave our brothers behind.
    Let’s motivate and surprise our Heroes as they come home, they are welcomed more than any others.
    hopefully we can ease their adaption back to this way of life as an easier find. .
    Frank Pulver

  3. Just one beautiful MAN inside and out. The woman that left him was a fool. The woman that finds him will never have to doubt his character or his loyalty. Prayers out for Marine Sgt John Peck. You represent everything a man should strive to be. May every door be opened regard your plans for your future.

  4. Thanks warriors for all the comments. Want to help your warriors, help me spread the word about them and send them a post from OMV. Like that of “Reckless” above, if we don’t teach others of those that have gone before us, they will disappear into history and we cant let that happen to your Marines. Semper Fi

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