There is always a brighter side no matter how demented it may be. Military members, Marines and Army Joes mainly have a different outlook on life at times, ok all the time. They usually are in the shitiest places, doing the shitiest things that no normal human would imagine doing and they do it without bitching with a little bitching and some bitching is ok and sometime hilarious Which keeps you sane.

Considering the options, like serving 7mo to 12 mo deployments in war zones, freezing your ass off in some crappy mountain valley where “Haj” is doing his damndest to kill you with IEDs, to missing your family, birthdays, etc, etc holidays, dealing with getting worms & dysentery, getting rained on so much you never thought you could get that wet, to being so hot you could feel your organs cooking,  and doing 3-4 months work up before deployment that would surely break any NLF linebacker.  

Grunts always find the perfect sense of humor at the right time. You could be smoke tired, and worn out and that one Marine will say something that only those that have bled together regardless of rank will understand and appreciate and it will totally save the day. There are some funny mother scratcher Marines out there and God Bless them they know how to help their leader with just the right words when times are ugly (like dead ugly) that may make you want to beat their ass but it’s so funny or you are so tired you just have to laugh. You always have one or two seriously funny F’ers with you. I don’t know where we get these kids but their timing is usually impeccable with a delivery of crafted words or doing something that makes you crack a smile.

Dancing like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air on top of a M1068 in full gear, while MLRS rockets fly by.

Most “House CINC” (Military Mrs) would even begin to think this stuff is funny nor would the average person but then again the average person or any “House CINC’s” are living, sweating, bleeding with these fire eaters either.

I was on my first deployment to Iraq (Ramadi) and got the opportunity to get a shower in a no shit shower trailer. Halfway through my rare shower the base was attacked and all I could think was, shit, I’m going to by the farm here in the shitter as small arms rounds impacted above the trailer I was in. As a lull in the fire came, I made a sprint for my where my gear was. Squeaking along in my flip flops I made it about 20 yards when a large explosion (suicide car bomb (SBVIED) detonated and I took cover in less than desirable body armour behind a sandbag bunker. Laying on my back to stay low I was now staring at the “crow’s nest” elevated guard post as they called in comms and were returning fire. Just then one of the young Marines began to reload, looked down, saw me, waved and yelled “you’re in a really bad spot Sir, you should move” and went back to returning fire.  I thought “no shit” then began to actually chuckle as holy hell was letting loose around us and brass was falling from the tower. I made another dash to my gear and knew everything was well in hand just by the comical comment the Marine made to me with a smile on his face. Nothing like getting dressed under fire. Hell of a motivator to do it quickly.  

I will never be able to express the respect I have for my fellow Marines (past & present) to anyone who hasn’t been through what they have. I can post about it, tell you over a beer about it but unless you have had that bond that Marines do, it’s only a 90% story. Im thankful for them as they continuously surprise and impress the hell out of me, even the ones that you though were going to be shit birds. When the shit hits the fan they perform, make Marines and win battles and always find a bright side-no matter how demented .


Time for a CGar, for my Marines



  1. Ever get the feeling like hockey chucking a fellow employer into the wall because he is an idiot? I know there are some of you that would just love to throttle people who think with their ass and treat warriors like babies.

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