1. Thanks Major. I had to come here and have you tell us the US has the body before I believed it. Thank you to all our Warriors that took part in arranging the meeting between him and his maker. What no virgins?

  2. best news I have heard in a while….stay alert America!! We can’t let out guard down….Prayers for our warrior still fighting the fight.

  3. Brothers,
    I could care less he is dead, because he is only a small part of the problem now. Yes, he is gone and that is a good factor, but we still have thousands of our brothers/sisters from all of the services in Afganistan and Iraq still at this time. People all ove the world celebrated, but the only proper time do do that is when they all come home. Here is some thing that I wrote concerning the celebration. Only when they return then we can try to heal from that day.
    —Unforgettable Day—
    Since time has passed since that unforgettable day.
    Some cry and say did it have to end in such a disgraceful way.
    So many people lost everything that had in their lives,
    Many lost their moms and dads and children and h…usbands and wives.
    A lot them heard from those families members that were trapped under the entire rumble,
    Hearing those voices by the dying signals of a phone only hearing, I love you in a sad mumble.
    We need to remember that even though these memories are hard for us,
    But we need to think about those families that are out there trying to put their life together without a big fuss.
    Please pray for them all, because they need for us to think about them every night.
    Because to them these thoughts will never go away and they need help with the fight.
    We need to ask Christ to help with drying the tears each of their eyes,
    By us keeping up our prayers, everyone will know that, He will be there to save all those cries.

  4. Thanks warriors for all the comments. Want to help your warriors, help me spread the word about them and send them a post from OMV. Like that of “Reckless” above, if we don’t teach others of those that have gone before us, they will disappear into history and we cant let that happen to your Marines. Semper Fi

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