Not alone

I often think about those in the past fighting our wars who came home to no one. They fought just as hard as the next guy, made it out alive and when it came time to come home, there was no parade, music or even loved ones there to meet them.

You have to know your Marines

It may have been more prevalent back in WWI & WWII where warriors fought with little communication with their loved ones, surely not email and after many months if not years came home to no one. I can’t imagine coming home after experiencing war and having the climax of your trip home be stepping off a train to no one. I had Marines that had no one. Seventeen and eighteen year olds that had no parents, girlfriend or wife. They fought their asses off and came home, picked up their sea bags, had plans on “meeting up with other Marines” only to be stopped and told, you coming to my house Marine. Reluctant at first but appreciative they went with their officer or SNCO who knew, the worst thing to be is alone after coming home. Most wont even say anything, but will simply disappear through the crowed of hugs and greetings only to spread away and have the feeling that they would kill for someone to be there for them. It’s hard to know they are alone but then again you must know your Marines.  When you truly know your Marines you learn things like, LCpl so & so wife has left him or you remember his remaining parent passed away during deployment.

We are Marines

We are Marines and we take care of one another. Yes we have different ranks with in the Marine Corps but I know many times younger Marines have helped senior Marines in and out of battle just as senior Marines lead and take care of their junior Marines. Call it a mafia call it a gun club, we are Marines and we will fight to the death for one another. There may not be anyone there to meet them when they return from war, but there will always be another Marine there for them for the rest of their lives.


Great job Marines especially to all of those that came home to no one. We know what a great job you have done. We know who you are and what you represent. You can walk proud because of job well done. You are not alone.

 Semper Fidelis


Time for a Cgar!


  1. You said it, Major. We all know that not every returning soldier has someone to meet them.. and it just kills me. Makes me want to form a volunteer Welcome Home Hugger Association or something. Thanks for grabbing those men and taking them home with you- and your NCO’s who do the same.

  2. Call it a mafia call it a gun club, we are Marines and we will fight to the death for one another. There may not be anyone there to meet them when they return from war, but there will always be another Marine there for them for the rest of their lives.” -Major Pain-
    Exactly the way it should be and just one of the reasons I hold the Major and the Marine Corps in such high regard.
    Over twenty years ago as an answer to a prayer my Sis prayed over a Marine, Vietnam Veteran, confined to bed or a wheel chair because of a fall in his garden, the Lord sent in the Marine Corps League.
    They came through the nursing home one day and the vets directed them to Virgil’s room. He told them he knew he could walk again if they could just get him into a good rehab hospital. He called me one day happy as could be saying he was making good progress and just wanted to say thank you for the prayers. He noted the prayer was answered and his brother Marines came for him.
    Sis and I knew nothing of the Marine Corps League up until that time and we aren’t sure that Virgil did as he didn’t know to contact them. However, from that day forward until she went Home to be with the Lord when we heard anything about the Marines we would just look at each other remembering the day Lord sent them in to rescue Virgil and put him on the road to recovery.

  3. I wrote this because I want to honor everyone who serves Miltary. Especially in the Marine Corps. I spent 18 yrs in the Marine Corps and I know how it is to see my fellow brothers return with out any love ones.
    The Main Reasons to Honor the Veterans and Service Members
    Here are the reasons of why we should show admiration,
    Let’s think of some of those things that have to go to protect this nation.
    Over the years many were drafted,
    Having things to take on that, they learned and crafted.
    Many service members came to this nation’s as volunteers,
    In which they came to serve their life for this nation for many years.
    The main thing that came to share,
    Was to en route them to protect the United States anywhere.
    It lead them from the jungle or desert or air or sea.
    That leads us to see exactly what leads to our true victory.
    Many of them saw things that are gross and gory,
    By them having to give up everything to fight for the true glory.
    So please re-read this and try to understand everything that it is trying to say,
    That without them this would not be such a God Loving Country.
    By Frank Pulver
    SSgt USMC

  4. I was one of the lucky ones… I was from Goldsboro, NC, about an hour from Camp Geiger, where I was assigned to 1/8. Alot of my buddies were not as lucky, so I always tried to take some of them home with me on the weekends, let them eat some good chow and hang out with some civilian types. Get away from the Corps for awhile. I knew guys that had no one to go home too, it made it tough. Thanks again, for doing what you do, Major. I sleep better at night knowing that the Corps is in good hands. Semper Fi.

  5. I may not have birthed them but they are all my son’s , America’s son’s . I do for them the same as I do my own because they are brothers . My Marine has always brought buddies home and when we visit , they’re all with us . Unconditional

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