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Pass the law, doesn’t mean it will happen. You can pass a law that allows people to openly protest at warrior’s funerals. You can allow them to spew their vomit on the family members while they grieve. However, just because there is law that allows it, it doesn’t mean that it will always be successful.

Besides the obvious points that anyone protesting at anyone’s funeral especially a veteran’s funeral where a hero paid the ultimate price is totally ridicules, the fact you have the nerve to make a political point at the expense at the individuals funeral who provides you with the freedom to speak freely in America is not only disrespectful but borderline criminal. But remember sweet cakes, the recent passed law also allows those that would love to cram a bat down your throat the same privilege to demonstrate their point as well. Remember, it’s a free country and if its “free” that means it’s free for both sides.  So after you return from the tattoo shop and getting your tat that says “moron” instead of “martyr” go to a funeral and spew your thoughts but I warn you, there is another group that will be waiting for you and they will express their views as well, and they may not be as “gentle” as you are and they will be successful as they have the major populace support behind them. You, on the other hand are fighting a losing battle. I hope one day when your kid asks you “daddy, what did you do in the war against terror when America was attacked” you tell them the truth and explain to them how your coward ass didn’t enlist in the military, deploy or fight but instead you pissed on those that did. I’m sure he will be real proud of you. You’re a great contribution to society jerkstick. This just validates why some animals eat their young.

Time for a CGar



Westboro Baptist Church Goes To Mississippi – And Loses

Posted by: MacAoidh on Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 18:00

On Saturday USMC Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers, who was killed in action in Afghanistan April 7, was buried in Brandon, Mississippi.

That, by itself, is a sadly unremarkable – though certainly noteworthy and solemn – occasion for us to mark.

And in fact when Sgt. Rogers’ body returned to Brandon it was greeted by hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of well-wishers who gathered at the roadside to honor the fallen American hero. The dashboard camera from Mississippi state trooper Elmo Townsend’s cruiser gives an indication of the scene last Thursday.

What is most notable about Sgt. Rogers’ funeral in Brandon, however, is what didn’t happen.

You see, the troglodytes from Westboro Baptist Church had threatened to spew their poison at Sgt. Rogers’ funeral.

But the Westboro mob wasn’t on the scene, and Sgt. Rogers was laid to rest without incident – thank God.

Why weren’t there protestors?

Planning ahead by the locals, as it turns out.

From an Ole Miss sports message board, a tidbit of information…

A couple of days before, one of them (Westboro protestors) ran his mouth at a Brandon gas station and got his arse waxed. Police were called and the beaten man could not give much of a description of who beat him. When they canvassed the station and spoke to the large crowd that had gathered around, no one seemed to remember anything about what had happened.

Rankin County handled this thing perfectly. There were many things that were put into place that most will never know about and at great expense to the county.

Most of the morons never made it out of their hotel parking lot. It seems that certain Rankin county pickup trucks were parked directly behind any car that had Kansas plates in the hotel parking lot and the drivers mysteriously disappeared until after the funeral was over. Police were called but their wrecker service was running behind and it was going to be a few hours before they could tow the trucks so the Kansas plated cars could get out.

A few made it to the funeral but were ushered away to be questioned about a crime they might have possibly been involved in. Turns out, after a few hours of questioning, that they were not involved and they were allowed to go on about their business.

Fred Phelps, the disbarred lawyer and Democrat activist who leads the Westboro congregation, will undoubtedly pursue some form of legal action for the way his people were thwarted in Brandon. Let him try. There isn’t a jury in Mississippi which will see things his way.

This is a template for how to handle the Westboro people. If lawsuits don’t work, other means will. Whatever it takes to keep them from harassing bereaved military families on the day their fallen loved ones are laid to rest.


  1. In reference to eating their young, there are some things even animals can’t stomach. Another town got together ahead of time and ensured that there were no parking spaces anywhere within miles of the funeral, and I heard that at one, the valve cores were removed from their van’s tires while it was in the motel parking lot – tire service store in the town told them that those were ‘metric’ tire valves and had to be ordered. Semper Fi!

  2. I live in MS and am PROUD of our citizens! we went to the visitation of a young Marine that was KIA for support. I would want the same for my son who is a LCpl. The Leathernecks were there also for ‘support’. loved it!

  3. Rest in peace USMC Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers, the world was a better place with you in it, our loss is heaven’s gain. Prayers out for all those that knew and loved you, may they find peace in the midst of the storm.
    “Mama’s and Grandmama’s love you, that’s all they know how to do.” So true, so true.
    Thumbs up Brandon, MS. You did good! You all had your thinking caps on. Exquisite and well executed strategy. Would have loved to have been there to volunteer my truck for sentry duty. That would have made my day.

  4. Way to go Brandon MS!!! It’s a damn shame something like this has to happen at all!!! Westboro dirtbags go and crawl back under the rock you came from.

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