With us engaged in two wars, the terrorism threat no less than Sept 11th, the Chinese building advanced long range fighter aircraft and soon to launch its first ever aircraft carrier that will change the world power levels, is this really the time you  would want to be making cuts in the defense section? Seriously? Many of the cuts will come from what they call “unneeded, duplicative and obsolete programs and administrative overhead."

Doing much more with much less

If you plan on shrinking the defense and more importantly the amount of people in it you cannot expect to maintain the same coverage you are currently operating at. Likewise if you’re going to tell me we are going to pull out of Iraq & Afghanistan before we are done there, stop patrolling pirate infested waters, quit manning strategic bases I would be amazed. I don’t think any of that is going to be eliminated off of the "task" list, we (all forces) will simply be forced to do it with much less personnel….not a good idea.

 Its about people

Furthermore, we can have all the technological equipment in the world but all of it, all of it has to be controlled by people at some level. People with experience, combat experience is what else we will lose roughly 30% of US Marine Lieutenants will be given walking papers this year. Steely eyed warriors that once thought they would be doing 20 years of service for their country will be told to walk. With only a couple years of training under their belt, the newest and brightest will be sent away. Many may say that our defense system can’t be untouched when looking at minimizing our deficient but when you slim it down to nothing and bring it to its knees you will have bigger issues than a deficient on your hands.

Our enemies are foaming at the mouth right now to attack us and continue to patiently wait and shrinking the military just made their day.

Time for a Cgar!

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  1. Unbelievable. Then again maybe not. There are whole lot of people on both sides of the isle that don’t have the sense the Creator gave a duck. Trust me, the drake and his mate have more of a strategy to protect their young ducklings from predators than our national leadership with their propensity in every financial crisis to gut our military by taking away resources and experienced warriors. Warriors that stand between the weak and predators that want to destroy us and remove any form of democracy from the face of the earth.

  2. And as the military faces a shrinking budget, the CIC is trying to expand his “social” agenda even more. When are the folks in this country going to realize that with out a strong military, we will fall. Maybe not to an invader, but to our debt.

  3. In a lot of ways, though, our military and civilian leadership from the DoD level down have failed us on the spending front. The amount of waste is mind-boggling. How many plasma screens do we need at headquarters and the Pentagon? How many times have units been told to spend $65,000 in the next week or we lose it? How many people at Kandahar and other main bases are actually doing anything worthwhile toward setting conditions for departure in Afghanistan? When the cuts come, unfortunately the things that matter most will still get underfunded while self-important headquarters staffers and the worthless joint “sustainment” forces (those sitting around Kandahar going from meal to meal in PT gear) will continue to skim the trough first. If we cut that fat first, we’d be better off, not worse, with some cuts.

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