During my tour in Ramadi Iraq, it wasn’t uncommon to meet warriors still serving on active duty with prosthetics. If a warrior can pass the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT) they can serve in the Marine Corps. Boot ties and duct taped to a robotic leg accompanied one Marine I met in Ramadi. Another Lieutenant passes by on a running path while I was in Camp Lejeune with his prosthetic leg. One Marine with two amputated arms became a martial arts instructor in Quantico with a quadruple amputee Marine kept his sanity with the help of a strong Marine wife.

Many warriors are faced with single, double, triple, quadruple amputate injuries and are making a remarkable recovery. Being mentally tough, strong willed and battling the loss of a limb and the unique difficulties that are associated with that type of injury, warriors have to make the decision to keep a limb when it has been severely damaged. Along with their strong support they receive from family members or a spouse many tough guys have to make some very tough decisions. Read the below article for an example.

Time for a Cgar!





  1. Thanks for such a poignant reminder of how much our military families are willing to sacrifice for all of us. What’s most remarkable is the grace, dignity and courage these men and women show as they move forward in lives that are forever changed. We are truly humbled by their service.

  2. Look around you America and find the only examples of true leadership we have on the national level are those men and women in uniform and their families out there at the tip of the spear making tough decisions regarding life and death and sacrifice while they are on the field of battle and continue when they come home. Decisions they and their families will carry with them for the rest of their life. Every time you hit a brick wall be it physical, emotional or your financial circumstances look to our men and women and their families and the tough decisions and sacrifices they make for all of us and you will find the inspiration you need to “Keep movin'” and stay tough. As the previous poster, Sammy D, stated, “We are truly humbled by their service.”

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