With the announced departure of Defense Secretary Gates as early as July one has to wonder of the domino affects that will transpire after Gates departs. A possible replacement for Secretary Gates is Leon Panetta, the current head of the CIA and Gen. David Petraeus is suspected to replace Panetta as head of the CIA.

“Admiral Mike Mullen’s term as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ends Oct. 31 Gen. James Cartwright, seen as the leading contender to replace Mullen, served as the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs and was described as having “most favored general status,” by Bob Woodward in his book “Obama’s Wars” because Cartwright was not uniformly in favor of a surge of troops into Afghanistan during the last Afghan review. He broke ranks with the military while siding with Vice President Joe Biden on ways to look at a more counterterrorism-style approachs to the war effort in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

The change overs have only begun as terms end. What do they know/suspect that perhaps the average joe doesn’t know? It’s interesting to see the turn over with the current direction America is going.

 Time for a Cgar


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  1. “You got to love them and as I watch them in action I continue to wonder where we get such fine young warriors!” -Major Pain-
    I wonder the same thing everyday. They keep me motivated. I figure if they can do what they do what I have to do is no big thing.

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