Don’t want to say it but …told ya so. If you are sitting there saying hmmm I sure hope another 9/11 doesn’t happen, you probably are on the right track. Look, there are too many gaps created from us “letting off” and not closing the door on things like the border and additional relaxation on constraints. This week, Camp Pendleton had 3 Afghani men attempt to enter onto the base (twice) by driving right past security. Now, why would they do that? To visit the exchange? C’mon man, now we are playing defence, AGAIN in the security realm.


But they aren’t ill tempered, sharks with lasers on their heads. (Spy who shagged me)

No? They may not have fins but the unauthorized visitors weren’t doing what they did to attend the bingo parlour. Some may say they were “Terps” trying to get onto base for training/work. Nope. Terps have credentials and don’t have to play “lost”. Back in the day, when you ran through a military base check point you got dead. Why were these guys let go to attempt a second time?  Why were they allowed to “test” the guard’s actions/procedures? Now they know what not to do if/when they or others want to attack.

“A criminal background check on the trio conducted by the Department of Homeland Security found no "derogatory records" for the men. Additionally, the U.S. Border Patrol said the immigration statuses for the three men were confirmed and they did not appear on any terrorist watch databases.”

You don’t say? Did you think our enemies are dumb enough to send attackers with track able criminal records? Maybe next time they will send attackers in orange jump suits so we might be tipped off. It’s hard to have criminal record if you don’t have a record at all of even more so if you came into the country illegally (through the border) and have bogus paperwork claiming you to be Mr nice guy great citizen.

The only benefit to this entire event is that the morons played their card and dorked it up. We are fortunate they did so.  He report says “security was stepped up”….wow thanks Captain Obvious; I thought we stepped up security following Sept 11th? I’m telling you America, we have forgotten Sept 11th and those that forget history are deemed to repeat it.

The Marines are in the right business and business is good….and going to get a lot busier.

Time for a Cgar!



  1. “Back in the day, when you ran through a military base check point you got dead”
    It’s time to reinstate that policy.

  2. Do we remember Beirut in 1982 when the Marine barracks were destroyed by a mooslum car bomber because the fine men at the guard shack were
    ordered by command to carry UNLOADED WEAPONS??!!! I do.
    We never learn in “today’s” America either.

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