It’s a dangerous world out there and here here too. Anyone that has been to OMV knows I’m not buying the fact that our border is 1. Safe 2. Is secure 3. has the attention required from the politicians. We can sit our fat asses in our chairs and think “there is no place like home” and feel all safe because we don’t live on a border town. Those that do live in a border town know, there is no place like home and we want to keep it that way.

If you haven’t seen it, don’t confirm it’s secure

I love it when people state the border is “secure”. I would love for them to show me a picture of them actually at the border. Not an advisor, not an opinion from a report but them actually there. If you go to the border and no shit open your eyes, you will see, it’s not secure. The last time I went to a border town I began my day conducting a little PT and went for a run (after coffee & a cgar of course) and quickly found myself in the desert and very close to the border. There was no fence but there were a lot of foot tracks/path and trash characteristic of illegal trafficking. Then I realized I was in a not so smart location, with a weapon and altered my PT path back to the hacienda.

Operation Desert Sky, targeting drug-smugglers is under way

I got to give it to Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio taking the initiative and putting  the pressure back on the “enemy”. Yes, that’s what you call a group that threatens our border, an enemy. Apparently many have forgotten that. I would love to take about 200 steely eyed Marines to join him. We could call it Pre-Deployment training. I could give a rats ass what we call it, we would make that section of the border safe and secure. We have had polls here before and you and I both know the border isn’t safe or secure. What has to happen before those in Dc realize this? A catastrophic dirty bomb attack routed through the unfenced portion of our southern border? I think I better get a new pair of shades in case there is a glow down south!

Time for a Cgar 


More on Operation Desert Sky



  1. There is only one thing more troublesome to me than an unsecured southern border; the song and dance we are getting out of D.C. telling us not to worry all is well. To anyone that reads and believes that mantra; I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d sell you in a heartbeat.
    Major, this blog helps maintain in good health what is left of my mind. Thank you!

  2. Amen to that Major + Arrrow. You must have saw my posting about this on F/B Major 🙂 Everyone complains about what is going on in this country but don’t do anything about it I’m afraid to say 🙁
    God Bless’

  3. Let us face facts. Congress does not want to control the border right now. Things will not change until we elect a super majority of those who do to Congress.

  4. Well Major, you did it again. You see the truth instead of listening to the nonsense that we are constantly being fed.
    This one gets a high rating from me!

  5. If we can spend millions of dollars building walls along the highways that run through cities so that the folks that live there don’t get quite as much traffic noise, then why can’t we build walls to keep out illegals? I will tell you why. It is because the powers that be don’t want to. Thank you for what you do, Major. Semper Fi.

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