It’s not always sexy, it’s not always popular but as Marines, we will go and we will win. Regardless if it’s Iwo Jima or Afghanistan your Marines have gone forward and took the fight to the enemy. That’s why we are Marines.

Your Marines continue to kick ass despite less than 1:1 deployment ratios. Despite being sent to the nastiest places on the earth. Despite being disliked when we get there, your Marines one step at a time win the hearts and minds and win wars. That’s what we get paid the “big bucks” for.  Your Marines don’t do it for the money (you already knew that) we do it for America and the warrior next to us. Why does America have a Marine Corps? Because the American people want a Marine Corps and anytime there is a crisis in the world we are already packed if not already half way there on a ship the good ole Navy provides and we are good at it.


Your young steely eyed warriors continue to make a difference all over the world and even in the US. Every Marine is a rifleman and many of those riflemen are 18-22 year old fighting machines that don’t know the word fail. Their pride is so strong they will die before they let you down. Don’t ever forget that. A simple “Thank you” and your support makes Marines walk through fire for you. Who will go? Send in the Marines, they will go.

Im sure if Eddie didn’t die being a hero he would have been a Marine. He gets it.

Time for a Cgar!




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