Your week is almost over. Have you been added value?  Can you look back at the week with positive reviews? Your Marines can as they assist in Japan, Afghanistan, and now in Libya and your Soldiers continue in Iraq.

I use to have a sign in my infantry company office that said, “Are you added value?” You know the kind of people I’m referring to. The ones that add to the team effort and help make a difference. They implement their knowledge to help the over all team succeed.

When shit hits the fan these are the people everyone else looks to, they are added value and usually leaders in charge.  We could always tell who was in charge in firefights as junior Marines would actually look to “the leader” when things went bad.

Who do people look to in your realm when the shit hits the fan? Is it you? I bet it is. If it isn’t, why not? Its along the same lines as sheep and sheep dogs. Which are you? I’m pretty sure OMV readers are sheep dogs and if you’re not, you will be soon enough. Like  minds flock together.

Its ok to stumble and even fall but you got to get back up and continue to kick butt. It isn’t always easy its not always fun. Sometimes you got to be the bad guy and tell it like it is and that’s ok. I love being the bad guy but I will tell you the point blank truth. I don’t think I’ve been accused of being the sympathy department.

If you have had a difficult week, have stumbled or even fallen, suck it up, get tough and finish strong and be “added value”

 Time for a CGar


  1. Please Check my facebook for info of last send off… damn they’re awesome!They added VALUE.. I was just there to see it!!! Enjoy your cgar!!!

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