Continuing on what “puts fear into the enemy” legends are made by exemplary acts. From Belleau Wood in WWI to Iraq and Desert Storm, Marines walked through fire and kicked ass. Many have no clue exactly how Marines, usually under manned, outnumbered by the enemy in the most hellish places on earth, continue to succeed.

In conjunction with young leaders utilizing combined arms(the combination of artillery and Marine air) to find, fix and finish the enemy, sharp leadership skills and a never die attitude the enemy that may have become familiar with encountering Coalition or UN forces that break contact from the engagement and call in air, quickly found that as air or artillery was hammering the dog shit out of the enemies position, the Marines were closing in, not falling back.

One of the best late nights during my last tour in Afghanistan was our first encounter with the enemy shortly after arriving in country. Taking over a former British position, we pushed deep into badguy territory and built out posts (bad guys hated that). Then we went on the hunt for them (they really hated that). As the first skirmish began and we utilized our internal fire support, the badguys were shitting themselves on their radios when they could be heard saying, in basic terms, run and get away this group is not falling back and they are just short of reaching your position.

The Dilema

The thought of artillery slamming down onto you that makes you take shelter or die from the shrapnel is tough to deal with alone. It’s worse for the bad guys when you see that once that artillery stops, there is a company of Marines standing over you because they have been closing the gap between you and the them as the artillery pinned you down. The dilemma, run away and artillery gets you or stay so you don’t get hit by artillery and get attacked by the closing Marines. Not so good for the bad guys(they really, really hate that).

Check out the attached video that has some kick ass music in it or view it at the OneMarine's View You Tube Channel where you will see many events where the closing Marines have bad guys pinned down by the use of tanks, gunships as they find, fix and finish the enemy.

 Time for a Cgar!




  1. Great video! My son just got back from North Marja and said no sane person would want to hera what they saw and had to do. His buddies posted some videos on FB. A nasty senseless war! But you are my heroes MARINES!
    Valrie Momma to a GREAT Marine and proud of it!

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