What puts fear into the enemy is the mention of the intervention of US forces. Just the thought of large US Navy war ships sitting off of your coast packed with the best technology and training fighters and pilots accompanied by a few thousand Marines, puts fear into the enemy. On top of that what other major country has been fighting its ass off for the past 10 years? Dedicated, trained devoted volunteers backed with recent combat experience, means trouble for you if are our enemy.

General Mattis popularized the slogan "no better friend, no worse enemy"

The General nailed this one. If you have been in the military, know someone, have been in the military yourself amuse for a minute as this is for the billions out there that don’t “Get” what our warriors out there are doing for this country.

At any one time your Marines can because of their training and discipline can switch from the knuckle to knuckle fighting to humanitarian actions in a blink of an eye. The diversity and leadership of the modern day 18year old Marine allows our young warriors to lead without being micromanaged with every step they take. We instil into our young leaders the ability to make decisions and make them now. When evaluating the statistics, they make the right call and made it in a half of a heart beat. Life and death decisions that are separated by the pull or not to pull of a semi automatic rifle trigger. Split second decisions that matter.

This allows them to be dynamic and to shift from fighting with heavy machine guns on this block of the neighbourhood and over there on the next block some of the same unit is conducting non-hostile operations. The fact of the matter, is that your Marines are doing this at such a frequent cycle (multiple times a day) that they have become very good at it and fully reflect the saying, "no better friend, no worse enemy."


The bad guys

Building upon the honed leadership skills, tenacity and motivation of our young warriors who not only have been fighting the past ten years and winning but can fight a Counter Insurgency Operation by living with the locals, building their trust and contain the ability to go from full throttle battle to winning hearts and minds by building a water pump station is one foe you don’t want to cross. They will care for your sick and injured, they will provide security while you conduct medical visits, they will stay with you while others have left and when needed they will bring the wrath of the United States Marine Corps to your front door. They are the modern day Marine and that will put fear into our enemies.


Time for a Cgar!





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