OMV has recently gained  a lot of new readers and for those techno geek super brains out there that do statistics, OMV isnt doing to bad with the amount of daily readers but we have a long way to go.

With our new design we have restarted our Blogroll (a list of similar like minded bloggers-listed on the far right side of the page)mainly because the last virus attack wiped out the previous blogroll. Notice OMV doesn’t play the “advertising game” on the site? It clog’s up the site and It’s not about making money, it’s about getting the word out. However, we do help charities from time to time.  So one reader suggested having blogs make a donation to www.anysoldier.com (in any amount) send me proof you made a donation via email and BAM your blog is added to the blog roll of OMV. Not only does your blog get more readers, you are helping the deployed warriors.  It’s a Win Win!!!


If you don’t have a blog, why note donate anyway to www.anysoldier.com?  The site facilitated me & my warriors to receive the basic things when we needed it most.

Time for a Cgar!


Maj Pain reserves the right of refusal of added blogs that aren’t in correlation of milblogs



  1. Sorry Major – I’m tapped out with supporting three adoptee’s via Soldiers’ Angels but good cause to promote 🙂

  2. Mindy:
    I have adopted many soldiers through adopt a soldier, and never heard from many of them. It is always wonderful when you get a “writer”, but frequently I found that they were busy or when they got some spare time they were trying to talk to wives or kids etc.
    Don’t take it personally, know they really appreciate you. Once I sent packages to guy for a year, never heard from him and one day he called me to tell me he made it home safe and sound.
    Keep sending the packages – they love them – Really they do.

  3. Don’t get discouraged. Many times I wouldn’t get a change to write because either I wasn’t near a computer (they don’t have a lot of access to them) or I was out chasing badguys. Also remember mail is slllloooowww at times (the record was a month and a half for a letter I got).
    Send to support. If you get more out of it, its a bonus.

  4. Ever get the feeling like hockey chucking a fellow employer into the wall because he is an idiot? I know there are some of you that would just love to throttle people who think with their ass and treat warriors like babies.

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