Look gang, I get it. I get that all of you that come to OMV understand what your warriors are doing and go through. However, unless you have been there you don’t know what they really are doing (which one day I’m going to write a book and actually break it down romper room style of what your young warriors are doing for us). I could write a 50 page post about it and we would only be beginning to scratch the surface on exactly what these studs are doing for this country. (If one of you moon bats puts “blab bla bla they volunteered so what’s the big wup” in the comments I swear karma will not be good to you and I will probably change the way you feel about me).

“Their struggle is your struggle” General Kelly said during a speech.

I couldn’t agree more. If you think you can live in this great country and coast along under the blanket our armed forces provides and not give them the time of day you are what I call a blood sucker aka parasite. You have to support the warrior that goes to the shitiest places and puts the fear into the enemy. He/she are doing it for you. They are doing it out of respect for this great country. It must be nice to be in lala land and just pretend OEF & OIF don’t exist because someone else’s kid is doing the fighting and go about your day thinking oh poo I have to go to work on Monday & that’s your biggest bitch & moan. Wrong. There is more to life besides the mug in your mirror. In fact there is a great deal going on our country where too many are worried about me or I. How about them or the country?  

“The American public is largely unaware of the price its military pays to fight the United States' distant conflicts. Less than 1 percent of the population serves in uniform at a time when the country is engaged in one of the longest periods of sustained combat in its history.”

Less than one percent! Scary and I know I am preaching to the choir here but this is where we begin to multiply. YOU can help jar some of those with their heads in the clouds a little and wake them up. If “we” don’t remind them of how great this country is and how it got there and has stayed that way, soon those “the unknowing” will be in positions one day to make decisions that will eliminate those branches or warriors that help keep us strong.

 “President Obama devoted only six sentences to the war in Afghanistan in his State of the Union address in January. The 25-second standing ovation that lawmakers lavished on the troops lasted almost as long as the president's war remarks.” 


You can make a difference!

But Maj Pain what do I do? Well if you are outside the .01% that “get it” and keep you warriors in mind you can begin by hanging an American flag outside your house that I’m sure isn’t there. Second you can get involved in numerous charities that support the warriors overseas like ( where you can simply send a letter telling the warriors that you are behind them.

 What if everyone that read this post simple emailed it (whoa that might take 20 seconds to do) to someone you know that has little idea what their warriors are doing for them. Someone that doesn’t actively “talk” about the deployed troops or the WAR we are in or doesn’t have a loved one in the fight? How about a teacher opening the eyes to their students about the deployed? Would you be making a difference then?

 Perhaps those that you emailed it to for just 30 seconds in their would think “hmmm you know we are pretty lucky to be speaking english right now in our country as the MAIN LANGUAGE because someone went a fought for it.” Perhaps they would stop texting on their high-speed phone and perhaps think about warriors like this and what guys like this did for our country. It’s sad when other countries like oh let’s see the Japanese in Okinawa are more appreciative to our troops for what they did in WWII than some teenagers in America who have no clue. Well, here is your chance to open their eyes to it.   

 "I worry that we could wake up one day and that the American people will no longer know us, and we won't know them" Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote in January.

 Folks, I think the day the Adm speaks of is already here. I would love to be proved wrong a million times over but I don’t think it will happen. It starts with one person, then by spread of mouth, email blog posts whatever, it spreads so that it’s a millimetre in front of many people’s faces and they can’t ignore it, they can’t pretend it doesn’t happen they see it and they have to realize, “Their struggle is your struggle.” Pass it on!


One Team, One Fight

Time for a Cgar!


 LtGen Kelly's article here



  1. Congratulations on your award!!!!! Love your words of wisdom, look forward to it every day. 🙂
    FYI , another excellent volunteer group is Time for TEA!!!!

  2. Very good post, sir. Many seem to have forgotten there is a war going on. Of course our own media helps with the lack of news about the war. Will say that where I currently work there are a number of us that are OIF/OEF veterans and others with kids serving. Semper Fi.

  3. I posted General Kelly’s article on my facebook page as soon as I read it earlier this week. Not one of my friends even liked it the last I looked and I am a former Marine, sister of two army veterans, another former Marine, ex-wife to a Marine, wife to a Marine, step-mom to a Marine and an ROTC military college student…well you get the picture. None one even liked it. My comment was something to the effect that I find it appalling that I cannot turn on any form of media without hearing about the Oscars or worse Charlie Sheen and yet less than 1% of our great nation has a clue of the price these young heroes pay for each of us every single day so that we can continue to be the home of the free because of the brave. I absolutely will forward your piece to everyone I know who might take a moment out of their day to share it forward and touch someone so that I am not sickened every time of the numbers in another of your post – those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we can have the right to be blatantly ignorant and oblivious if we so choose. Time for another cup of coffee! Oorah!

  4. Thank you Major, for saying what has to be said. As I heard it put awile ago, “The military is at war, the rest of the country is at the mall”. Sad, but true. And it starts from the top. That’s right, I’m pointing my finger right at the CIC. His disdain for the military has been pretty obvious. And of course, the media has jumped right on the band wagon with him. They don’t get it. So what do we do? Your suggestions are spot on, but let me toss a couple more out. Join the American Legion, Veterans Of Foreign Wars or The Marine Corps League. All of these fine organizations are out there getting the word out about what our brave men and women, past and present, are doing to keep this country free. And no one knows better how the troops feel than someone that has been there. Semper Fi.

  5. My thanks to you Major and to those who are serving our nation. You are the person I quote most often. I also posted General Kelly’s article on my Facebook page. Now that my friends know I send care packages they are helping out. My neighbor has made nearly 60 pillow cases for the troops!

  6. AWESOME post. At this past USMC Ball, the guest speaker’s speech circled around this topic. They DID NOT volunteer, the men and woman who courageously serve our country do so by answering a call to be apart of something GREATER in life. Greater than their wants like college and a big fancy car. Greater than climbing some corporate ladder. Greater than hometown buddies, girlfriends/boyfriends, and even family. Something greater than themselves.
    Men and woman like that deserve so much more than what this country has ever and currently offers them. But you are right, even a simple letter goes a LONG ways.
    Semper Fi!

  7. You guys are awesome and could have written this post yourself from experience. Its the other Americans out there that ignore or rather keep it out of sight that someones kid is doing the fighting for them while they go to college. Fine, but how about an occasional “Thank You”.
    Keep attacking Gang-we are winning!

  8. Wow so glad I’ve been turned on to this site. My son is a Sgt. In the Marine Corps. 5 yrs ago at the young age of 17 he came home from school one day and said “Mommy you’re gonna be mad at me. I’m joining the Marine Corps.” I jumped off the couch and said “Oh NO you’re Not.” as his younger brother who had his back said “Mom yes he is. let him go.”
    The very next day I went to our local recruiting location and found those recruiters. Ha. Boy I knew nothing of what I was getting into. I found the Marine and see 2 SSGT sitting at their desks. One of them said “Can I help you ma’am?”. I babbling asking why are they after my son? Calling my house? Going to his school? He’s too young. Finally they are telling me to have a seat. I didn’t want to have a seat. Lol. Felt bigger then them if I stood up and bitched. They asked me “who’s your son ma’am?” I gave them his name and the school he attended. The SSgt then said “Ma’am when we called your son down to meet him, he walked in the room, I put my hand out to shake his hand and introduced myself. Your son said “Sir what took you so long to get here? I’ve been waiting a year to hear back from you. ”
    I just stood there. Speechless. Realizing things were starting to make sense. Then knowing why he wasn’t applying to colleges or scholarships.
    It took them a year because he was only a Jr when he took his test.
    Long story short, we sign the papers so he could go. He had his 18th bday in boot. He just reenlisted. He’s 22. A Sgt. A tanker. In Afghanistan 1st Tank DeltaCo.
    So that’s my story. Proud Marine Mom

  9. Carol-
    Your son is a MAN a Marine and a HERO! I wish America’s teens had the the amount of bravery your son has in his little finger. His life has changed and trust me, he will never forget it. Welcome to the gunclub!
    Semper Fidelis

  10. Thank You Major. The Marine Corps has turned my boy into a man. Since bootcamp he has not asked us for anything. I try to help him get his bills in order when he went to Iraq beings he had purchased a car and a motorcycle. But he had everything taken care of. Now he’s deployed again and this is a much harder deployment for all of us. I’m worried every minute of everyday. He wrote me on a piece of cardboard turned postcard and asked for babywipes. No running water. No showers. His last sentence was “don’t worry I’m fine mom.” I’ve been sending care packages every week hoping he’s getting them.
    So all we can do is pray and have faith they all come home.
    Proud Marine Mom

  11. Thank You for all you are doing, Major. Our Fighting Men and Women are the best and brightest that America has to offer and they deserve all the support we can give them.
    Supporting our Troops means more than putting a yellow ribbon on your car!!!

  12. I posted General Kelly’s article on my facebook page as soon as I read it earlier this week. Not one of my friends even liked it the last I looked and I am a former Marine, sister of two army veterans, another former Marine, ex-wife to a Marine, wife to a Marine, step-mom to a Marine and an ROTC military college student…well you get the picture. None one even liked it. My comment was something to the effect that I find it appalling that I cannot turn on any form of media without hearing

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