Marine in Afghanistan stops to rest in the extreme heat____July 4th

Ya, its Monday. I know you had a hard time getting out of bed and you really don’t want to go to work. Stop the freaking blood clot crying and get yourself together man. No one at work wants to hear your whining.  Its Monday, ya I know the weekend was 5 days too short but that’s just our inner self being lazy.

Snap out of it and get focused on today. You got a weekend. Those warriors deployed didn’t get a weekend. Every day is Monday for them . Think about that.  You will go home tonight and have a nice dinner. So will they, in seven months so if you’re looking for the sympathetic department you took a wrong turn somewhere because this aint it.


Get that moping feeling out of your head and get your priorities straight and get some things done today. Change up your routine (hit the gym like you said you were going to last New Years as a resolution) take a bud out for lunch, change things up. Knock out some pain in the ass work, then reward yourself with a little me time. Instead of chowing down half a cow at lunch, hit the pavement. Can’t run, then walk. Get the blood flowing, get your head clear, get focused and for all that is holy stop the pitty party.

What’s happening on Wednesday?

What? You haven’t thought that far? Cmon man, get organized and plan ahead and of course have a plan B because it’s already Monday and Tuesday will be here in no time. You should be preparing for upcoming events. Use your time wisely and plan. Feel the pain now so when Wed comes or Thursday or whenever you have an important event approaching, you are ready. Don’t plan, feel the pain then. Your call and if you think no one wants to hear your belly aching now, they sure as hell wont when you crash and burn because you “weren’t ready.”

Once you get through some of those ugly things waiting for you today the feeling your going to feel, is called accomplishment and it feels good. You guys “Get it” and are awesome! Now get moving and go do great things!  Here is a video to get you started and "You will Soar" for a Motivational Monday!

Time for a Cgar!





  1. Yes it is Monday morning.Thank you all for all you do and stay safe and know your in my prayers.We here in the U.S don’t know what a bad is and I have no compaints I’m Blessed to be living here and being protected by all our warriors who keep my family and I safe everyday.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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