Ft Hood 5 Nov 2009 SSgt Zeigler was shot 4 times. He was sent home early from Iraq to conduct processing to become an officer when he was hit. Now Extreme Makeover changes his life and helps him heal in more ways than one. Below is a few minute clip from the show. See the entire show here.


  1. My wife and I watched the show and were moved by the humble courage that SSgt Ziegler displayed. if anyone deserved the hook up, it was him and his wife. Strangely, no mention of the Muslim that shot him. But that’s OK, there’s a special section of Hell waiting for him. Semper Fi.

  2. Mike, he was not mentioned because this was not a news show. Their job was to help him and his wife, which they did. I am glad they chose them, they desrved it.

  3. An amazing video…she has such patience and poise for such a young lady. And his courage and open nature after all he has been through…
    As a perq, I get to send this to my husband whose Cav hat is on the shelf and watch him try to hide his manly tears. Thanks for this link – what a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning.

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  5. Have u ever meet sgt z I will be the first one to tell u he is not a hero just someone who hit shot and lived to tell the story.and now the nov5 soldiers want Purple Hearts well u can kiss me ass I have one and I live in a home that belongs to the bank not new and I work every day. I was wounded and broke my spine PTSD and have a plate in my neck with eight screws both of my knees are trashed and I can’t run to play with my kids and you all feel sorry for him go meet him and his over bearing wife and then come talk to me……

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