Dear bad guys-

If you can’t read and none of your erratic leaders told you the nobrainer, America does not make deals with terrorists. Dropping a few scum bag pirates with head shots from a sea moving deck while you detain fellow Americans doesn’t constitute “making a deal” because there is no deal. Its call you get dead and you won’t even hear the gun shot.

The AP is currently reporting that there is a Warship Shadowing Somali Pirates who captured four Americans Friday as they participated in an international yacht race called the Blue Water Rally. They haven’t said if it’s a U.S. war ship but the description looks and smells like…..freedom.

However, if the pirate ship claiming to have the Americans makes it into Somalia’s land shore, obtaining Scott and Jean Adam it will be much more difficult and time consuming, ultimately risking the successful recovery of themselves and raising the risk of the rescue effort (it would get ugly).

It wont happen to me

This is another fine example of why you should listen to the warnings out there people. The Middle East is a mess, Mexico is a mess and if you think you are freaking invisible and wont be targeted in these regions (even when things are quiet) you are sadly mistaken. It would scare the bajesus out of you if you really knew how close you might have been abducted or robbed during your last foreign travel and you didn’t even realize it. It won’t happen to me….that’s what Scott and Jean Adam probably thought while on their boat.


Gunfighters go into harms way because they know the mission and know the backing and reasoning for an objective. Having to save your sorry ass because you wanted to sail around the world or go deep into Mexico doesn’t constitute an emergency on our part because of your poor planning and the price in some situations is death. Why are people stunned when they hear of an American disappearing in one of these nasty regions and begin crying about their unfortunate situation? Is it tragic? Yes. Is it most likely going to end very bad for the American? Most likely. News Flash———we told you not to go there!


Even being America, we don’t have the military resources to be going to every shithole to rescue every moron that goes to some shitty place especially after there are warnings not to go there.  


Stay tuned in

Hopefully the Pirates (AAARRRGGHH!) meet their demise and the Americans are freed. In this situation they at least have a chance since a “war ship” has begun the pursuit process. They are lucky for that and hopefully very lucky when they are recued.




  1. I pray they get rescued but I’m with you I don’t understand why people even leave this country to travel to places that are so dangerouse.I think they live in another world in their heads and think it’s all just another reality tv show they are hearing about or they are just ignorant I don’t get it but my thoughts and prayers are with our Troops and all those who are risking their lives to rescue all that are being help captive by our enemines.GOD SPEED TO THEM.Thank for the update and for speaking TRUTH.

  2. Just because some American are educated and wealthy, doesn’t mean they have common sense. They live sheltered lives with awesome freedoms in this great country (brought to them by our magnificant military),which too often they take for granted(here and elsewhere),until they get themselves in a pickle, and there again…our military to the rescue. GOD Bless those risking their necks to rescue these idiots!

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for more than a year. I love it. I love your writing, your love of country and fellow troops, your no BS style…a bit like if one of Vince Flynn’s characters were real and these are his thoughts. There was a time when I wanted to serve, but epilepsy squashed that. My nephew is fighting in Afghanistan and often I think our political leaders are completely clueless about 99% of that situation…or just stupid, or don’t care about the reality, or all the above. Just wanted to say thank you for your service. Thank you to all your readers who have or are serving. And keep up the great job; maybe someone in power will take note. Enjoy your Cgar.

  4. It’s one thing for merchant marine ships and cargo ships to travel risky commercial routes when they have no viable alternatives. Americans on a lark (‘er yacht) from Marina del Rey have no business sailing in that area, no matter how many Bibles they desire to distribute…………
    US hikers on the border of Iraq & Iran should have no expectation of US State Dept intervention when they “mistakenly” stray over the border. What the hell are they doing selecting that as their hiking route?!? Maybe I’m too hard assed and unsympathetic, but those idiots end up putting others, including our military in unnecessary, costly missions. Our freedoms ironically preserve the right to make ultra-risky choices, but it doesn’t mean we have the unfettered right to be saved from the troubles we bring on ourselves.

  5. America is more vulnerable then a lot of people realize. Our military (bless them) are strung out over a very long distance doing what they can, but come on people! We are not the only ones with intelligance in the world. In fact If we were as driven as some of the poorer places on this earth we would have a much better economy and livebilty situation. Our “former” enemies (i.e. China, Russia…etc) see america as a competition. They arent just sitting there saying “Oh Glorius ones! We bow to you! You are supreme!” NO! they are looking at us as their only competition for world power. Our defense systems are out of date, and our nuclear weapons have not been tested in over ten years that I know of. We are not self sustainable, and yet we have the richest untapped resources. but over regulation has kind of fixed that so its inaccessible. As for our current “enemy”, Islam is not a peaceful religion. Has anyone actually read the Koran? It says that if you do not repent and establish regular prayers then you are to be killed! And I believe it also says that Jews and Christians are not to be treated as friends because if you are friends with one you are considered one, and subject to their death. America is on their list and probably as their biggest target. I thank God we have warriors that are willing to fight for us over there. Just because we say “Oh, but we dont want to kill you!” doesnt mean they dont want to kill Us!
    So stand behind and stand up for our warriors! God Bless The US service Men and Women!

  6. just heard on Fox news those Americans on the yacht were killed. yes they should not have been there but now it’s time to kick butt.

  7. It’s time for big “Sis” and the rest of the crew inside the Beltway to level with the American people. She told us the other day there are no Mexican drug cartels inside our borders. We are told an act of terror is a criminal act and not an act of war; we are made to believe if we throw enough money and resources at nations that hate us they will come to love us.
    It’s been said doing the same thing over and over again getting the same results is the definition of insanity. Maybe it’s time to back the truck up, warn the American people that it’s probably not a good idea to visit Mexico on holiday or go sailing the high seas in a yacht no matter how well intentioned your mission. Let them know our military and law enforcement should be considered before you go off on a lark as there is a good possibility that you will not only but your life at risk but the lives of those called upon to protect and serve you in spite of your lack of common sense.

  8. Did you here this? Columbia students heckled a war hero during a townhall meetiong on whether theROTC should be allowed back on campus after a 42 year ban.Former Army staff sergeant Anthony Maschek ( now a freshman a Columbia U ) was awarded the purple heart after being shot 11 times in a firefight in northern Iraq in Feb. 2008. Several students laughed and jeered while others booed as Maschek told them ” there are bad men out ther plotting to kill you.” More people who don’t get it. It makes me sick.

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