When anyone that does a job or career that is a public service to this country being military or police officer, fireman etc and they gamble the idea that they may not come home from their days work, those are the ones America needs to remember and appreciate.

Where do we find such brave men and women?

Under paid, over worked, remember their families and know that your warriors didn’t sign up to do their particular job to get rich. Nor did they do it because it was a “last option.” They did it and continue to volunteer to do it for their country and the warrior standing next to them to make a difference. The same guy/gal that has been through the same training felt the same heartache and continues to do it willingly will go into harm’s way and towards the sound of the enemy. They are America's heroes.

Young spouses and sadden parents burden the grief of their lost loved one who probably paid the ultimate sacrifice doing what they really loved. Their families try to patch the hole left by their warrior leaving but nothing will replace the heroes lost. The long nights of endless tears, glances at photographs that seemed like yesterday and the ever asking question by lil warriors “Where is daddy?” never get easier for loved ones.

From the time the corpsman gives everything he has to save the warrior even while exposing himself to fire in some God for saken place to the time taps is played in a beautiful cemetery time seems surreal. If I could only see them one more time…..

Don’t ever take them for granted

You can’t ever take what or who you have for granted. In a flash you could get a Marine in dress Blues at your door, in a flash you family member could be gone. Don’t go to bed mad, don’t be afraid to say sorry, and never ever take your warriors for granted. The silence at any memorial or funeral is bad enough, its worse if we take them for granted.


Time for a Cgar for those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for America and especially their families. God Bless them all.

Semper Fidelis.  



  1. Thank you, Major, you’ll never know how many of us out here appreciate your love for your brother’s and sister’s, our loved ones, past and present.
    Beautiful tribute by Radney Foster.
    Steel on target.

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