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There are many blogs out there and almost as many milblogs. One blog I tend to pay attention to (besides the fact I’m a guest author) is Blackfive. This milblog was around long before mine and a great one to check in on. A big thanks to all the warriors at B5 for their help and motivation. I love it when people are point blank and to the point about topics especially when they blog.
One blogger that fits that description is “Uncle Jimbo” from B5. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for me for an interview. A veteran with many talents that hits the topic hard and gives it to you straight.

Sit back, have a Cgar and enjoy the below interview.

Give me a short bio of yourself.
Jim Hanson, me, took early retirement from Army Special Forces where I served as a Weapons Sergeant in 1st Group. I have been writing on military and national security issues as “Uncle Jimbo” for 5 years now. Matt Burden was kind enough to invite me to write at BLACKFIVE and I will continue to do so. But I needed a place to talk about all the other craziness going on around this world. Crappiest planet I have ever lived on, bar none.
America is the greatest country to have sprung up here and I am not interested in hearing about it’s decline, or that we ought to be ashamed of our history. Of course we have done things that were wrong, but over all we have done so much good that we ought to be thanked not reviled. That’s right I’m Unapologetically American.
I been around the world twice and seen goats float in a boat, so there isn’t much that’s gonna blow my mind. There are about two dozen country stamps on my passport and I lived in Europe for three years and Asia for three as well. I have three ex-wives and as far as I’m concerned that’s a full set. My daughter is now a freshman at the University of Washington and without question my favorite thing in the world.
SOG Media is my job and we send correspondents to conflict zones to do original reporting. Yeah shockingly we don’t trust the old media to do that well. We also sell advertising on a network of the top military blogs and are now actually getting some of these great writers and analysts paid for their work. I’m also Communications Director for the Warrior Legacy Foundation (WLF) which serves to remind America of the value of military service and to assist those who served with charitable works. I serve as Director of the Warrior Legacy Institute (WLI), a project of WLF, that writes papers and produces videos on military and national security issues in language you don’t have to be an expert to understand. We believe all Americans should have the information they need to participate in important debates about how we should keep our country safe.
I am prone to vitriolic rants and profanity-laced tirades when provoked, but those who know me will tell you I spend a lot more time laughing than yelling. My politics, if I have to have some, are Hawkish Libertarian. My religious beliefs are that I currently don’t have a God in this fight, but I’m open to signs that I should change my mind.

What inspired you to blog and what motivates you to continue when life gets in the way and it becomes difficult?
I don’t have a life, so there is no conflict there. My disgust at the lies and bias of the media in reporting about the military was the main impetus for me to start running my cakehole in public.

What basic principles do you want to get across to your readers when you do a post?
I want to point out an outrageous outrage and then proceed to explain its outrageousness, and then channel some hyperbolic rhetoric at it until there is nothing left but a smoldering mess.

What characteristic do you use the most today from your military experience?
No matter how messed up my current situation could ever get, I can always think of a time in the military that sucked more.

What’s your opinion of the President having the power to cut the internet ?
Oh Hell No!

List your favorites (pick one) (book, movie , quote, type of food or individual dish, music genre, song, band or individual musician) and why?
Books- Atlas Shrugged to decide whether you believe in the individual or the state. The Power of One to marvel at what strength the individual can show.
Quote- “Only associate with quality people” My Dad

After blogging and working with the internet, what has been the best rewarding take away from it to date?
Getting to appear on Spike TV’s show Manswers as a military expert opining on how to use the tactics of a mortar crew to win at Beer Pong. Actually, the fact that BLACKFIVE is read regularly by the Pentagon and other military leaders is immensely satisfying.

What are some tips you would give to someone who is just starting a blog?

I would strongly advise against it. Blogging is for self-important, narcissistic wankers who mistakenly believe the world needs their half-baked, pitifully reasoned wisdom.
But if you must, then realize that you need to have a take. There is no real need for one more person quoting Charles Krauthammer and saying “Hell yeah!”. Find out what makes your take unique and focus what you write through that prism. Also understand that by putting yourself out there as a pundit, you will get both kudos and brickbats. I don’t care what you write, there is someone out there who will hate you for it. Personally I love that, shocking I know. I live to make liberal heads explode. I get a warm fuzzy every time some left wing butthead reads my stuff and kicks his own dog.
Also understand that the internets are a fickle place, and the best things you write will get zero attention, but post something about Sarah Palin and you will be revered and reviled. Start off by linking to posts by other folks whose writing you like and then add your take on the same topic. Most bloggers are self-interested enough to keep track of who links to them, so you may catch their attention. But basically be prepared to be ignored much more often than not, it takes a lot of patience and a lot of posts to gain any kind of an audience. Oh and if possible be funny, people like that.

Thanks again Jimbo for the interview…


  1. Short but sweet. Jimbo is indeed prone to laughter, from my chances to interact with him at Milblog conferences. He is also a total straight shooter, and completely WYSIWYG. A fine American – good interview.
    Of course, you are an outstanding American yourself. Hope to get to meet you at a future Milblog gathering as well 🙂

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