A change of view for One Marine’s View as we are getting new look. Granted we aren’t changing our site as much as the US Army is changing uniforms but we were due. OMV has been through a lot over the past 6 years of its existence. The blog started from encouragement from outside readers while I was on my first deployment for me to start a blog. That’s what OMV is about, informing you about the warriors. It’s not about me. Hacked, attacked and worn from the past, OMV site needed a little face lift and is now running like a hamster on crack. One of the biggest turn-offs for me as a reader is not being able to find links to categories, archives, to learn more about you and your blog. Hopefully within this revamp we have eliminated some of those issues for you the reader on OMV and have made it a more enjoyable and affective experience to visit.

Can You Relate?

Those out there with your own blog can probably relate to the frustration that comes with the trials and tribulations of blogging. Its takes time and requires attention and for it to be an enjoyable experience for the reader, a revamp was one step we decided to take along with a full integration of Twitter,Facebook and many other networks.  Your interaction and assistance in building the OMV community is appreciated with the help of RSS feed and additional follow us options, you will be able to stay engaged with OMV and stay informed about your warriors.



 What’s New?

There are several new additions that are designed for you to get more information, quicker and in a precise manner. You are busy, you have other things to do, so OMV tries to give you what you need in the quickest manner. With the emphasis on


  • “NSN” No Shit News tabs
  • “Combat Updates” stories you won’t hear in the general media and of course
  •  “Heroes Call” citations and accounts of your American warriors kicking butt

If you have visited OMV before, thanks for coming back, you are making a difference and we are glad you keep returning. If you are new to OMV, take a couple extra minutes and recon the site and please, don’t be hesitant to leave us your thoughts/suggestions in the comments. I actually read my comments and listen.

 Relax, throw the dog a bone, get some coffee, enjoy the new revamp and send me your feedback in the comments. It’s CGar time.

Maj Pain


  1. I’m new to OMV, and appreciate it very much. I’m recently retired as a Rail Accident Investigator with the NTSB
    Four years Regular Navy.
    (Parents would not let me enlist in USMC.) Did so in the USMCR when I was discharged. Really like your Blog. Have cigar.

  2. Looks good Major, thanks for making it easier to read for us faders (old ones). Your categories are just what I’m looking for when I come to a military blog. I’m on the move right now (not far) packing and etc but I’ll catch up with you all soon. Stay tough and thanks again.

  3. Bonjour Major,
    J’m not a new reader.It’s always a real pleasure to read you.For the time being, the 2nd Régiment of Marines (Battle Group Richelieu)from Le Mans is to Afghanistan.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Great page remodel. I’ve been reading OMV for a while. Great insight, even when we have been chewing the same piece of dirt.
    I would like to see a “GO TO TOP OF PAGE” button at the end of each article or the same buttons you have at the top for “MAIN” or next or previous. It would make it much easier to get caught up on your pontifications after not having computer access for a few weeks.
    Time for a coffee.

  5. I really like the new look, MajP. You’re still putting needed info out there, and it’s much appreciated. Take care!

  6. I can’t wait till than I have a few people I want to tvinie so if there is limited space please let me know and is there going to be a cost or do we need to bring something with us?

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