Marine and flag

So you have forgotten? No, this isn’t describing your botched Valentines lack of memory you brain surgeon. Yes, your Mrs is pissed, you could have at least got her a card…..ugh! (eyes rolling)  It’s talking about the reason there isn’t a flag in front of your house anymore. Just for those without even half a brain here I’m talking about an American flag sweetheart. Sure, you had one out just after Sept 11th didn’t you? Cmon, you can tell me, but then you just got lazy and “other” things became too important to put it up. Now, do you even know where it’s at? Sad…..

We are at war….remember?

What the hell is wrong with us? We get kicked in the gut, Americans get slaughtered and we get all fired up and put out flags then….cricket, cricket nothing. For those that do desire to fly the American flag, there are home owner associations that do this ,  this and even this.  In a time when Americans spit on returning servicemembers one wouldn’t be getting the third degree if they didn’t have a flag in the front of their house.  For all those Viet Nam Vets out there that got shit on when they returned, know your fellow warriors will always have your back and please forgive those morons that cannot conceptualize what life would be like in their happy dappy land without warriors going to do the unpleasant. OMV thanks you.  I bet the Vets from unpopular wars have their flags out and they were the ones spit on, why don’t you? What’s your excuse?

"For those who fought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know."
— Willie "Bo" Nelson, Mancelona, MI


We are at war remember?  To date 1,476 sons and daughters have paid the ultimate sacrifice and you can’t put out your flag? Seriously?  Vomit, puke!

This makes ask another question, why wont the Iraq & Afghanistan (OIF/OEF)  wars and heroes be forgotten?  They won’t you say? Have we forgotten our Viet Nam heroes? (look in the mirror when you answer that).

Can you name any Medal of Honor recipients from Viet Nam? Have we forgotten them? Will we forget Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta the same way? Maybe it’s just me. Perhaps because I have a 20ft American flag pole in front of my house reinforced with a Marine Corps flag below it and will tell any home owner association they can pound sand before I lower it, I’m different. I would prefer that piece of crap of an organization to say hey, thanks Marine for your deployments but as we have already shown some are more concerned about their property value than respect for their country.  A quick solution to the previous mentioned home owners associations is to move. If you didn’t know what you were getting into when you signed up for it and moved in then bad on ya.  But again, I would tell them to eat shit before I lower my flag …just saying.

Why are still sitting here? Why haven’t you stopped reading this post, hung your head in shame and hung your American flag proudly?  I guess that’s the real issue, many don’t feel guilt for not displaying a flag for their country, those fighting in a far off land, those paying the ultimate sacrifice. That’s truly sad. What if your door bell rang and a lady stood there with a sign that said I’m SSgt So & so’s mom who was killed last month in Afg.  What would you tell her the reason you can’t fly your flag is?

You don’t support the war? Fine, last I checked it’s still a free country and you can fly the flag because you are proud to be an American. You can display your flag and put it behind supporting those going to do the unpopular or do we want them to come home and feel as shitty as those vets from the Viet Nam war? That’s just one Marine’s View, take it or leave it.

 Time for a Cgar!


  1. US fatalities in Afghanistan in OEF are at 1,476 and US fatalities in Iraq in OIF stands at 4,436 for a total of 5,912. Far too many lives lost and families torn apart. Just wanted to be sure that everyone had the complete picture of how many heroes we have lost.

  2. Well Major I’m still sitting here reading because my flag is already out there flying! And always has been! But you are right… too soon they forget. As always, thanks for the reminder.

  3. We were awakened to a new patriotism on 9/11/01 and have flown our flag proudly on a tall flagpole in our front yard every day since then. God bless America and all those who serve to protect her!

  4. My flag has always flown even before 9/11 and always does and with a spot light because it stays up 24/7 with exception on how the weather is.It’s called respect and knowing flag courtesy.It is an honor and a previlege to live in the GREATEST COUNTRY ON GODS GREEN EARTH.I honor all who have died and those who are fighting now for my freedom to live and fly those beautifull colors THAT NEVER RUN.And pray and thank all and their families everyday for all they give and do for all of us. GOD BLESS AND STAY SAFE.With much love and respect to all.

  5. I live in a Condo Assoc. and many of those rules pretain to me also…but…
    I have a garden size American flag at my front door with the entry light on it 24/7.
    Late last summer I put a 3×5 up on my pergo with a solar spot-light on it during the night. So far nothing has been said about it.
    And thank you, Major, for leading me to the info about that Fed. Law on Flying the Flag. I may need it.
    Miss Em

  6. Those of us from the Vietnam generation who did not protest, or spit on soldiers are just pretty darned determined to see that it doesn’t happen tho this generation of soldiers. We set our flag out, but I tell all of you that are serving, thank you is not enough. I can never fully express my gratitude. THANK YOU!!!!!

  7. 235 years this country has been preserved through the lives of American soldiers.
    They are our warriors and our protectors. What they do cannot be done by everyone, and I am honored that they are willing to fight for me.
    So I say Thank you.
    Thank you for offering your lives and thank you for fighting for mine.

  8. I have my American flag,my USMC flag, and my 2 blue star flag, flying proudly. (ok my boys tell me it looks like a shrine to them in my house..) I have had people pull up in front of my house and tell me to thank my boys for their service. Luckily I have had more good comments about my Marines then bad ones because nothing is meaner then a Marine ‘cept his Mama!

  9. I am a full blooded patriot, and a proud American. I am a member of the PGR and support our war efforts in whatever way I can. I totally support the troops, but don’t have a flag up at my house because I have no 24/7 light for it and I am never home to take it in at dusk. I feel not being able to follow proper flag etiquette is very disrespectful to the flag and I won’t do it. So not everyone who doesn’t fly a flag is against America or is unAmerican.

  10. Mine flies 24-7, has since I moved here and always will. I can look out my window and see 6 of my neighbors, 4 of them have flags flying also. It’s a country thing, around here.

  11. ok my soapbox time if you will please. I think every US parent should be required to teach their young that a true hero is a US SOLDIER past or present and not some over paid sports star that entertains us but does nothing to protect us. I pray God will continue to bless our country with these TRUE HERO’S. And my flag is American made and flys 24/7 anytime we have a hero in harms way!

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